Zoom Call With Them


With the unexpected rise of the dreaded COVID-19 virus that leads to a global pandemic, we were forced to be lockdown in our homes for an indefinite time.
Isolation only bothered us for a while, because we are social animals and we always find ways to connect with those people whom before was part of our normal daily routine.
Through modern video communications tools and apps like Zoom, Messenger, Microsoft Team, Google Hangouts, Skype, and even Slack… we were able to connect with these important people not only through voice but face recognition as well.
Knowing that these apps delivering crystal-clear, face-to-face video, high-quality sharing makes us more than satisfied and clearly has become a daily part of our lives.

This new innovative technology has help both the employer and the employee to continue to “Work From Home”.
Now, more than ever, with increased globalization, remote workers, and international teams, effective communication via video conferencing is an essential tool in the day-to-day workflow of many businesses.
Whether that’s for weekly team meetings or presenting project briefs, video can significantly enhance your relationship with team members and increase the efficiency and accuracy of completed tasks.
Conference calls allow multiple attendees to log in to the same call from wherever they are in the world. While this is essential for remote teams to conduct their daily tasks, it’s also a useful tool for full company updates and connections.

But it’s not only for business purposes. Video communication apps like Zoom can also be used for personal reasons.
You can video call your Lolo from Cebu while he is eating danggit and dried mango at his breakfast table.
Have a video group call with the whole De La Salle basketball them at brunch.
Call your car mechanic in the afternoon and allow him to show you the improvements and modifications that he has done with your big bike.
Then later at night, before going to sleep, let your girlfriend video call you and talk the whole night until the wee hours in the morning.

We may be isolated from these extraordinary people, but with these technologies, we were able to keep track of them like they are right in front of us.
I guess what I am trying to say that you can’t keep a good man down.
I mean even COVID-19 can’t keep us at bay with our beloved friends and families. All we have to do is adjust.
Can’t go out, Fine. Go to Zoom and call your entire “Barkada”. Simple as that.
In fact, sometimes it is much better than our world before COVID because people are now more “Sociable” than ever.
You can call it out of boredom, loneliness, or anxiety all you want.
The bottom line remains the same. People are now are “Connecting”.

And now that our government is slowly opening and lifting quarantine to stop the bleeding to our subsiding economy. We now have slight freedom to move around.
People going back to their office and business. Streets are getting busier.
And most of us are trying to bring our lives back to normal.

Through these COVID constraints, we have become more sociable than ever. Through talking and conversing we were able to lessen our stress and anxiety.
Our “Mental Health” has improved and has kept our confidence on the right track.

But if you feel you need to talk and vent out your frustrations and fears. There is another group where you can video conference.
In fact, you can also Zoom call them regularly. That is if you are open-minded to talk to them.
I’m talking about our loved ones who left us in the COVID world. Those who are buried 6 feet under.
Believe me or not, the dead ones can help you too.

Recently, I went to Manila Memorial Park in Sucat Parañaque to visit those who passed away. My Grandparents (both Father and Mother side), My Mom, and my youngest Sister. Some of my other relatives were there too.
I brought my road bike so that I can do my other errands like buying fruits that are hard to find, and also so that I can maintain my immune system up and strong.

As I drove by in this prodigious memorial park, I show the beauty of the trees and its landscapes. It reminded me of how beautiful Metro Manila was during the time of the Enhance Community Quarantine.
Our skies were free from pollution. Our oceanfront in Manila Bay is sky blue. And the mountains from our nearest provinces have become visible since the Spanish era.

I know that economy is important, but let’s not forget what put us through this pandemic.
If we can maintain and take care of our environment, we can have less stress and better living condition for all of us.

As I sat there on the ground with my bike, I started to ponder and let the calmness and serenity of my surroundings sink into me.
I commenced my individual prayer to each and every one. Then after my prayer, I continued sitting there in the grass completely in silence.

I reminisced about the good times that we had. Told them our current crisis that we are having at this moment. And again continued sitting there.

You may call me crazy, dramatic, or delusional but the dead listen too.
Sometimes they also respond but in a different way. They show up in your dreams once in a while (subconsciously and innermost thoughts).
In other words, they have their own version of Zoom. They know how to communicate and it’s really helpful and beneficial.

Communication is the key to greatly reduce stress and anxiety in your life.
Improving your social support is linked to better mental health in general, since having reliable friends and loving family members can act as a “Buffer” for feelings of anxiety and low mood.
It helps you feel more secure thus helps you to keep you moving forward.

So continue using Zoom. It is very useful.
And if you know how to expand your mind and understanding, you can feel overjoyed that you communicated deeply to those who care for you…
both the living and the dead.

Written on May 30, 2020