Workout Pa More, Healthy Pa More


Take a close look at this picture…
Do you see those bulky and beefy biceps? How about those veins that come up out of their muscles? Ang lalaki nila di ba?
These people must be absolutely strong…
Here’s one question… Kakasa ka ba?

I see a lot of people get afraid of people who go to the gym to workout assuming the fact that they might get hurt whenever they are near them.
Guys, let me tell you this… It’s not them that you should be scared about. It’s the thin guys that you should worry.
The drug addicts who lost a lot of weight and look like zombies. Sa kanila ka dapat mag-worry.
They may be not as heavy and intimidating like the heavy weight lifters but they definitely can kill you.

These heavy weight lifters are one of the nicest people on earth.
For one, they know how to love themselves. They know how to take care of their body. They are so curious about their health. And they give value to their life.
Their energy and positivism can rub off also from those people who are near to them.
That person can be anybody. That person can even be you.

Try going to the gym. And look for a gym rat who pulls weights like hell.
Go to him or her. Introduce yourself and ask them if they can assist you in weight lifting.
Most of these people will say YES to you 90% of the time.

Whenever you are blessed with anything, it is impulsive that you give something back in return.
These weight lifters have been blessed with a gorgeous body and a good bill of health. Surely, they won’t mind sharing their technique and knowledge to people like you and me.

These two humungous people with me in the picture are one of them. They are heavy weight lifters from Canada.
They teach bodybuilding for a living. But they give a lot of free advice for those who want their expertise.

They told me that I don’t have to be like them. I don’t need to gain big biceps and a large chest. I don’t even need to work out in the gym.
Their only advice is to take care of my health. Exercise whenever you can, Eat more greens, and get Enough Sleep as possible.
That’s it! Simple as that. That is not to hard to do isn’t it?

The problem is us. We always come up of reasons to tell just to escape from this simple advice.
What is worse is we do exactly the opposite. We never exercise at all, we eat all the “Unhealthy Food” in the world, and we hardly sleep.

That is why we see a lot of obesity, sickness, and even unexpected death because of exactly these reasons.

You don’t need to be scared. Living a healthy lifestyle is easy.
It is only in your mind that is telling you that it is so damned hard.

It is not hard. All you have to do is lower your expectation and lower your goals.
Put into mind that it is a process!
Remembering the proverbial saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”!

Just do the exercises that you like doing.
If you like what you are doing, chances are you are having fun, and when you are having fun that will lead to repetitious routine habit.
And the next thing you will know, you are now living a healthy lifestyle.

I swim at least 4 times a week. Jog the days in between of my swimming schedule.
And take the stairs rather than the elevator whenever I am in a business meeting in Makati.
I also have a set of exercises whenever I am out of town. I just adjust wherever I am located and utilize the things that are out there.
I am not what they call the “Macho Man” but I am not fat and obese. I sometimes eat those “Unhealthy Foods” when there is a feast or party or when I feel like having it.
I don’t only sleep 8 hours every night, but I also take those important “Cat Naps” during day time to get all the energy that I need.

I suggest you start small. If you adore pork chops and steaks so much then try to add some broccoli in it.
On those days that your car is not allowed to go out in the city, try not to take Grab or Taxi but let your feet bring you to your destination just by walking.
If you are riding a public bus on your way home, take that much-needed sleep for 40 for 50 minutes and set your alarm or ask the person beside to wake you up when you are at your designated bus stop.

There are many ways of living a healthy lifestyle. We just need to improvise and find ways of making it happen.
In the end, it all boils down to how much you want it.
Do you want to Live or Die? Live Healthily or Die Unhealthy… the choice is yours…

My friends Rocko and Gina from Canada are living the best time of their lives.
They are “Senior Citizens” who are traveling to different countries because they are healthy enough to do so.

How about you? How healthy are you?

Written on July 16, 2019