Why Poor Is The New Rich

New Rich

People always says that to live a better life is to get a good job, a big house, expensive cars, and a lot of money for your travel, shopping, and luxurious needs. While some of that are basically true… I could not say that being wealthy is the only reason for living a good life.

You can have that too even if you are poor. In fact, it might be even better. Why? I’ll give you one example… Being Rich, even it is very convenient, has it consequences. What the Rich don’t have is Time. They work so late and do dinner meetings that they don’t have time to watch their kids soccer games. They come home late at night and go straight to bed.
No exercise, No play, not even sex. They are just too tired and stressed out.

Being Poor is different. Yes, I admit… life is more difficult financially for them…. but they have something what the Rich doesn’t have…… Time.

Meet Romeo! He only works 4 hours a day. That means he has extra 20 hours to exercise, play and yes…. even make romance to his better half.
He takes the usual 8 hours sleep, doesn’t need to wake up early, take an early morning walk with his lovely wife, he drives his bicycle to buy pan-de-sal, goes to the beach sometimes, and watch his friends do fishing in the nearest river.

His business is selling his homemade Siopao & Siomai in his bicycle food cart near the local market. He starts selling at 4 PM and goes home at 8 PM. Sometimes he goes home earlier if there is no more stock to sell (which is often).
His house is just 200 meters away from work. No traffic, No rush hour… Not much pressure, and not much stress.

And since Romeo has lots of extra time, he gets to meet new acquaintances in his area. There was even a time when Romeo was walking one early morning and the fisherman just gave him a huge Tambakol (Yellowfin Tuna) for Free.
I assumed that Romeo had helped or touched the life of this Fisherman in the past because you don’t get that anywhere else especially here in Manila.

He sometimes play friendly card games with his friends, Watch a lot of HBO movies, and since Romeo is already a senior citizen, he gets to play a lot with his 4 Apos (Grandchildren). I even got the chance to drink with him and according to him… he is more than content with his life.

Romeo said that he might not have big savings in his bank account, nor does he have sports cars and big houses. He doesn’t have any kind of portfolio either. All he got is his health and his ample time….. Lots and lots of it!

I now begin to think that why did Jesus Christ choose to be born poor? Did he just did it to show his humility and kindness? Or was it that the Poor are more kinder, more generous and more understanding than those who are in power with wealth, connections, and lands.

If you were Rose from the movie “Titanic”? Would you go for a 1st class dinner wearing a elegant but not comfortable dress and exchanging boring stories from monotonous people that talk about Politics?
Or would you go to a Real Party where there are lots of dancing, laughing, drinking, twirling, and jolly faces all around you?

God provided us everything that we need. It’s all out there around us. It is only just us humans who sabotage those precious gifts. We are never contented and always want more. We become greedy animals.
I fully understand the we humans have the desire of something we crave for… but asking for too much is preposterous.

Why can’t we be like Romeo from time to time. Just enjoying the small things, makes life easier where everything is achievable.

I’m glad that me and my family get to see Romeo regularly in the province. After all, Romeo is the Father of my wife and Granpa of my two kiddos. I always make it a point to go visit him when we have the chance.
Unquestionably, my Father-in-law gives me a deeper perspective in life…. A simpler but more happier life!

Written on February 2, 2018