Why Jollibee Saved My Life


I have been to failed relationships in the past. Girls whom I thought would be the one who I would marry someday. I really don’t know the reason for my past breakups but I have to believe that it all comes down to getting “The Sign” in order to know if the person is the one.

Many of my hypothesis failed because of the “Wrong 1st Impression 1st Date”. I tried proposing to a girl by giving a Yellow Labrador as my proposal ring. Did it work? We had a good run yeah, but that’s as far as it goes.
How about bringing my date to an overcrowded theme park in Santa Rosa? Did that work? Nah, we only relished on Enchanted Kingdom’s night fireworks but we were better off as friends.
My last failed one was a sporty one. Playing billiards on our first date will make people think that it’s a pretty good idea, but it ended up us two fooling and playing around with each other.
It was tough and devastating for me. Neither one of those dates that I had went the extra mile.

For me, I need to get “The Sign” and I should get a very good 1st impression on that first date to make it work.
I was starting to be afraid that I will have nobody in my life. Some guys like that, to have the “Flavor of Month” available whenever they need it. But not me. I want to settle down, get married to the love of my life and live happy forever after…. just like in Walt Disney Movies!

Until the time came when I met this girl who lives in my same province in Balayan Batangas. It was never really love at first sight but I was very interested in her. Who she is, her likes & dislikes, her passion and everything else.
So I had to ask her out on a date…. again. But mother nature was not in my favor… geography wise. Balayan (during those times) is too secluded from places to have romantic dates. Tagaytay is too far while the beaches is too isolated at night (not to mention scary).
I was totally clueless! Afraid to making that mistake all over again.
So I hop in to my car, pick up my date in her place, and went strolling for almost an hour in that small town.
Even my date doesn’t know have the slightest idea on where to go.

Until I saw Jollibee. At that time, there was no other new restaurant that we can go to.
So we ordered and looked for a place to sit. The ground floor was jammed with people so we took the 2nd floor.
We were surprised to see that only a few people in that floor. Maybe because people in the province sleep and retire early compared to the city.
So we sat down right beside the very large window. It was nice. We get to see the old Balayan Church. The church is listed as a National Cultural Treasure as its construction was supervised by Filipino Seculars during the Spanish Colonial Period.

I even got to see good old Dr. Jose Rizal down below standing in front the town’s proper rotunda. It was perfect! Me and my date was enjoying our time together there almost isolated from everybody else. The “Getting to Know Each Other” moment was combined with laughter while munching Jollibee’s all time favorites.
But I was not really focusing about the food, the surrounding, not even Jose Rizal. I was just looking at her lovely face. Quietly asking myself… “Is She The One”!

I then look at the window and saw that it was a Full Moon. Could this be the Sign?
Well, the moon has a lot to do with our metaphysical and interpersonal influences. It affects your mood, personality, and especially relationships. I have to say that this 1st impression first date really went beyond our expectations. It was heaven!

So I brought my date home, and soon invited her to another date and another and another. I can’t remember how many dates we’ve been. We’ve been doing this for so many years. Sometimes with our kids, sometime it’s just us.

But for me, the most memorable one is Jollibee. I am thankful not because Jollibee gave me a good view of our town’s old church, nor Jose Rizal, and not even the Full Moon.
I am forever grateful because Jollibee gave me a perfect date and a loving wife who I am happily married for 16 years.

Absolutely, beyond any doubt, Jollibee did really saved my life!

Written on February 12, 2018