Why I Created Perlwat


Everywhere I look, I see Filipinos leaving our country for greener pastures. Some for temporary work, some for good.
I don’t blame them, there are not enough pastures that go around here anyway.

Some locals despise our country. To them, they think that staying and living in a foreign country gives them the right to be more superior than the ones they left behind.
Little did they know that their blood of being a Filipino still runs in their veins.

Why is it some Filipinos hate our country?
Did our country do something bad to them to made them act that way? Did they lose hope and have given up on our motherland?

To my fellow Filipinos, please, in any circumstance, don’t ever lose hope to the country where you were born in.
There is so much beauty in the Philippines. We people just tend to forget it. We sometimes ignore what is in front of us.
Why do we have to travel to different countries, when we have 7,641 amazing and captivating islands to choose from?

The problem is we have this wrong misconception that traveling within our country can really be expensive. That it is more cheaper to travel to our neighboring countries such as Thailand, HongKong, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

That is why I created PerlWat (Perlas and Watawat) to hopefully bring some encouragement and enlightenment to each and every one of us.
We are here to bring awareness that the Philippines is still the best place to travel. We will show you the cheapest places to go to. What is the latest food craze.
The hottest vacation spot that most people doesn’t fully know about. And more exciting new places to discover.

PerlWat will also shed some light about business and investment opportunities from all the 3 island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
Anything can happen… you can have a business partner in Guimaras on producing quality export dried mangoes.
Or have a Beef Tapa jerky business in Manila from the islands of Masbate.
How about building an Eco-Themed Resort in coordination with the Parrot Conservatory group in Palawan?
Anything is possible and can be within your reach.

Lastly, you get to know different people from different walks of life from the 17 regions, 81 provinces, 145 cities, 1,489 municipalities, and 42,036 barangays.
Get to know them in person. The place that they are living in. Their culture and way of life. Filipinos are known for having the most kindest of heart.
What better way than reaching out to them and find a deeper perspective and meaning.

PerlWat is a community-driven platform where it’s main objective is not only to give awareness to our fellow Filipinos on how beautiful our country is, but also to unite us all and help each other in protecting our motherland.
Thus, making our place a much better place to live in.

Every day, we will broadcast the brighter side of the Philippines. Everything will be real! We will show Real People, Real Places, and Real Stories.
Unlike with “Friendillion”, where it’s purpose is a personal journal of mine meeting new interesting people.
PerlWat is a lot different. It’s a journal for everybody.
A chronicle for every Filipino who’s craving for more good news and inspiring stories from Batanes all the way to Tawi-Tawi.

It’s not just going to be me. It will also be composed of you, him, her, them, they, Ate, Kuya, Mang Ernesto, Ka-Linda, and any other fellow Filipino.
Their stories will be ours to absorbed. We will learn, be educated, and most especially be inspired.

The goal is to connect us Filipinos. To inform us that we are all brothers and sisters regardless of religion, race, status, and background.

I am now compiling stories for you. If you have one story to share about your place, your province, your business or any inspiring story from your network of people… please do share it with me.
We will share this all around. We will show to everybody the real beauty of the Philippines.

It is not just the beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rainforests, heritage towns and monuments, islands and diving spots…

This is about us and every other Filipino. We are the real beauty that makes our country a genuine gemstone.
Tayo po ang tunay na Perlas ng Silangan!

Written on June 7, 2019