When Shit Hits The Fan

Family Picture

When Shit Hits the Fan… What does it mean?
Just imagine a pile of feces goes straight up to the ceiling fan. You can just imagine what the next picture will be…
A Total Mess!

Every single person on this planet has come across this dilemma before.
And for those who haven’t encountered it yet, don’t worry there’s a shit load of mess coming in your way.
This mess is unavoidable. Or even negotiable. The harsh truth is there’s no escaping from it. Everyone will go through this one way or the other.

Normally you’ll see several sets of pictures of Yourself, your Mom & Dad, Grandparents, and your Siblings in an alley or the living room. Some family pictures are proudly hang up in the wall.
That was before when shit hits the fan. That was when you were young, unhurt, and completely unscratched.

But as you grow older, you will witness one by one that a member of your family has passed away or is in extremely critical condition.
Now your family picture is not that gleaming and lustrous as before. A loved one had faded out in that picture.
It’s done and they are gone completely out of your life.
It’s a mess that you can’t get out of it. It stings and will strike a wound to you that will never completely heal.
It brings chaos to your once harmonious and tranquil mind that you have to bear when you face the world for the rest of your life.

Death, whether we accept or not, is inevitable. It’s certain.
And once it hits you and your family it will definitely put you in the ground.
It’s a mess that you can’t get out of.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed Grandparent after Grandparent who left me for good.
All of them were very close to me that until now I have difficulty moving forward without them.
I also witnessed my Mother succumb to Liver Cirrhosis.
I’ll tell you guys, losing a mother is unbearable. Until now, the scars that I got hasn’t completely healed.

Two years ago, I lost my youngest sister (upper left in the picture) to Brain Aneurysm. That’s what hurt me the most. I had so many plans for her.
She was supposed to do this and that. She was supposed to accomplished things that most of my siblings can’t.
Now the picture in this article has holes in it. It now has a scratch in it. One member of our sibling is now gone.
I find it odd to look at our picture when one is not there with you anymore.

Of course, I have heard advice from concerned people that I should move on.
But who really believes in that shit.
I don’t think that solves anything. People must continue living but the pain will always remain.

So what does actually? How do we solve this dilemma?
For me, the only one who can solve that problem is you. Everyone mourns in different ways, so the best advice is to let them be and let them find themselves until they find peace in their hearts.

Treasure those you’ve lost in your family picture. Relive your memories with them.
And thank God that he gave them to you even for a short period of time.

Create more memories for the ones who are living.
They are still with you. Don’t take them for granted.
Spend time with them. Every day if it needs to.
Because sooner or later that shit will hit the fan again.

Shit will happen. To all of us, unfortunately.
I’m not saying this to depress you, but to highlight the fact that there are external factors that are beyond our control.
We cannot stop the world from providing a stimulus that will cause stress and anxiety, but we do have the ability to change our perception to that event.

So what do we do when that “Shit Hits the Fan”?
My best bet is to…
1.) Accept it (the fact that it happened)

2.) Clean up the Mess (if we don’t, it will kill us)

3.) Move on (Carry on and continue with your life).

The number 3 is the most difficult part.
But we have to continue living and existing in this world… just like the rest of us.

Written on November 2, 2019