What Is Like Losing A Sister


Having a Sister is the best thing that you can ever have in this world.
They are so sweet, kind, and always there for you whenever you need them.
They are like fairies and fairy godmothers who will do their best to grant your every wish. You will always get their support no matter what.

So when I lost my youngest sister due to Aneurysm, the world suddenly came to a halt. She is the sweetest thing that came to my ever dull life.
We sing a lot, play the guitar, share books, and regularly watch movies on the big screen. Until her last few years before her sudden death, Roberta (I call her Roberts) was always there for me.
In fact, she was my Social Media Manager even before Friendillion came to existence. She was the first one to Like, Comment and Share even when my article (or Facebook post) was not that good. The youngest of the brood supported the eldest every step of the way… believing in my potential and what I could have become.
A part of me died witnessing my dearest sister being buried underground.

3 challenging years after, after somewhat recovering from a terrible storm.
I am experiencing it again… the pain and suffering are going back again.
This time it’s my other sister who is leaving me. Meryl has declared that she wants to migrate to another country and stay there for good. She said that she is prime to maximize her Nursing career to its fullest.
I grasp for oxygen when I’ve heard the news. I said to myself… “This can’t be happening”!

Meryl is the 2nd to the youngest in the family. The most generous that my Mother ever produced. If you think that her irresistible dimple amuses you, wait till you get to personally know her. Her sweetness is overflowing, but her endless of thoughtfulness is what truly defines her.

Of all the 6 siblings, only me and Meryl are the favorite of our Grandmother (we call her Tita Caring).
I took my curiosity to a certain extent to find out why. People say we are the favorites because of our kindness and our utmost thoughtfulness towards other people’s feelings.
I don’t know about me, but I can vouch for my sister.
Meryl goes out of her way to help people. Most of the time she sacrifices her personal time, her love life, and even her career to help those people who some say doesn’t deserve that kind of assistance.

Meryl doesn’t care. She just goes on her way helping the security guards, the side street sweepers, the lost and confused, the spoiled and rotten, and the people who we consider borderline evil.
She is even willing to offer her sacrificial hand even if it gets bitten repeatedly.

And now she is leaving. It’s hard not to beg for her to stay.
And so Meryl called me one time and said this… “Hi Kuya, I’m planning to leave for Canada soon. Can you help me with the necessary requirements?”

Instead of arguing, disagreeing, and silently sabotaging her plans, I replied by saying this… “Sure baby, Your wish is my command!”

And so we did, we went to complete her travel and work documents. Then we ate lunch after.
As we ate and bonded in a restaurant of our choosing, it came to my mind that the cards that are dealt to me and my dearest sister is not as good as it once were.
Meryl won’t be leaving for Canada if we still have the majority of lands and businesses. Our connections are not as lively and helpful as it once was.
We don’t have much choice but to use the only thing that people can’t take away from us…

1.) Our Skills => Applying our skills to the fullest to attain mid-level to high paying salary and earnings.
With our skill set, we can secure new properties and businesses. Redeeming not of we lost but for our own personal glory.

2.) Our Dignity => Being helpful to others is what we do best. We don’t ask anything in return or brag about it. We just do it because it is who we are.
We’ve always been respected and valued for what we believe in and how we live our life.

I know Meryl will do fine because of her solid Skills and Dignity. Wherever she goes, people will respect and love her.
She values her work and profession just almost the same that she gives importance to her family members. She will be an Asset of whatever country she goes to.

After our lunch, I accompanied Meryl to the mall parking lot.
I double-checked if there are still some documents to fulfill. Then we gave our temporary goodbyes.

As she walks further to her designated parking spot. I stood there in a distance, observing her from afar. As she fades out from my sight little by little, so goes my tears going down my cheeks.

I guess that is the role of the “Kuya”. You make sure that your beloved sisters are in a happy place.
You set aside your personal grief and desolation. You make sure that they are protected and away from harm.

I lost a sister and I’m going to lose another. But my love for them is undying.
No matter how far they are, No matter how difficult it gets,
I’ll make sure that they are aware that I’m always there for them… my forever babies!

Written on March 2, 2020