What Do You Do On The Internet


“There are other things to do aside from Facebook and YouTube”

Today, I won’t write an article about anybody you don’t know.
Today, it’s just gonna be you.

How are you?
How’s it going?
What have you’ve been doing lately?

I’m sure, wherever you are, you are either now on Facebook or on YouTube.
Perhaps more than you can ever imagine.
I don’t blame you. I too consume Facebook and YouTube every single day.

But that is not the only thing I do. I used the Internet wisely.
For my benefit and hopefully for the benefit of others.

Let me explain further…

Do you know that I also used…

=> Yes, that’s correct. I set in motion this platform regularly to collect my payment from my overseas clients.
For those who didn’t know, I am a Full Stack Developer and I build & maintain Web Apps for my clients.
Paypal is one medium that I used to get my earnings from my work.

=> I exploit LinkedIn as my tool to engage and network with possible clients, fellow web developers, entrepreneurs, and other interesting individuals.
I also manage Discord, Slack, and Github as my portal to connect with my mentors, advisors, and partners.

=> The ever reliable Google. I won’t be a Web Developer without Google.
That is where I started, by searching and looking. In these days and age, being “Self-Taught” is sufficient enough to get you the job that you want.

=> I capitalize on Twitter as my news feed. Like reading the gospel daily @The_Gospels, or checking on business @bwworldph, or even what’s going on with the weather @dost_pagasa

=> For relaxation, I often make the most out of Netflix before I go to bed. Either that or reading a book online. Anything that will relax my nerves and take my mind out of work for a while.

=> Yes, people manipulate this tool as a way of earning passively.
But my main reason for using Airbnb is to meet and accept a lot of guests from different parts of the world.
Some of them became very close friends of ours. I also get inspiring stories from these people and write it on Friendillion for you to read.

Other things that you might want to consider and find useful are…

Medium, Dropbox, Reddit, Lalamove, Pinterest, Instagram (duh?), GCash or PayMaya, WeChat, Twitch, Eatigo, Snapchat, Tumblr, Life360, Fitbit, TED, Quora and many more things that may suit your needs.

Just remember that I used…

=> To check on my friends and family.
It also gets me updated on things that are happening around my circle.
I also manage my Friendillion FB page to connect with you guys.

=> I love YouTube. It gets me entertained all the time through music, sports, games, etc.
I also utilize this tool as a way of learning new things like playing the Ukulele or Organic Farming.

My Conclusion…

Facebook and YouTube are, without any doubt, a part of our daily lives.
We just can’t simply live without it. But please don’t get too addicted to it.
There are other tools that you can use not only to be entertained, but more importantly… to learn a new skill, or put up your own online business, or to fundraise your charitable cause in order to help.

The Internet is there for the taking.
We can be greater individuals if we used this wisely.
Using these tools for your own benefit can make you richer, happier and much more content in life.

Written on July 6, 2019