We Remember You Chapter 2


In every book we read, there are chapters that we cherish and be nuts about. And upon finishing the whole book, we get back to our favorite chapters and relive our admiration for that particular story. In general, we neglect the bad chapters and saved the favorites.

In life, we do the same thing too. We ignore our bad chapters and relive the good ones. Those who are in their past their prime had accumulated a lot of chapters in life and just like wine they have gained intelligence through experience.
But it’s not just the adults, kids too are starting to acquire their chapters in what they call their “Fairytale Book”.

My son Luigi got 2 chapters in his book. His 1st chapter was his formative years. He was born and raised in an exclusive village in Merville Park, Parañaque.
Aside from his immediate family, Luigi was surrounded with pets from dogs, cats, 1 frog, 1 bantam rooster, and 1 flying lemur (we surrendered the animal to our local barangay after knowing that their species are endangered).
He vaguely goes to the park and other public areas to play because of his young age and for reason that he is among his loved ones… humans and animals alike.

Chapter 2 is totally different. We transferred to a Condominium setting not too far from the said village. This new place that we are living in right now is formed by a closely knit group of neighbors.
Luigi was 9 when we settled in there and began to have wings and legs to roam around and meet new acquaintances. That is where he met a young girl named “Casey”. She is a cheerleader from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila.

And that is where the adventure began. Luigi and Casey were almost together, especially during the summer.
They played in the pool, climbed monkey bars in the playground, sold empanadas to neighbors, did board games like Monopoly and Chess, ate in our kitchen, learn how to play Badminton, went to hear mass together, did multiple laps and race in the lap pool, go malling, ate in Casey’s kitchen, fought playing Minecraft, produced their own Rootbeer float, and many many more.

The two even shared their expertise. Casey taught Luigi to do some “Cartwheels” and flexibility while Luigi instructed Casey to learn a few “Aikido” moves.
Me, my wife, and Casey’s parents were so used to see them together that whenever one is missing… the first thing that comes to our mind is to look into either our condo unit or Casey’s.

Eventually, they grew older and more mature. Both of them had their own set group of friends at school and their extra-curricular activities. Still, they managed to see each other and have fun just like in their “Glory Days”.

Questions started to pop into my mind. Questions like will they still be close 6-8 years after? Will they be business partners? Will Luigi ask Casey what happened to her Prom Night? Or will he be the one bringing Casey to the Prom?
Parents always want what is best for their children. Truly knowing somebody close to your child earns your trust and won’t mind regardless what kind of relationship occurs in the future.
You don’t normally see parents of the child being close to another child. It’s not how it works nowadays. Friends just come and goes. That is not that case here. Our story here is different… We became close to Casey and in some way, Luigi earned the trust of Casey’s parents.

We will never get to know the outcome though since both kids will be moving on to Chapter 3. Casey and her whole family will be migrating to the Land of the Kangaroos. While Luigi will be busy doing community projects outside of Manila.
Things will be different. Distance will definitely be a factor in their friendship. And there is this possibility that they may never see each other again.

And as Chapter 2 comes to a close, we will remember and treasure those “Happy Moments”. It was an exciting chapter to read on to. Several years from now, we will look back to this chapter and reminisce the good old days.

We also like to say our gratitude to the parents of Casey for sharing their child with us. You certainly raised a sociable, lively, and witty girl like Casey.
We thank you for giving us Chapter 2. Enjoy Adelaide’s festivals and sporting events. It’s food and wine to go with their beautiful long beachfront.

And to Casey, if ever you want to visit the Philippines. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can go surfing in Baler, climb Sagada or eat Puto Bumbong in Mandaluyong.
If you’re too busy, Luigi can fly down there and visit you guys.

Just like reading a book, life consists of surprises.
Who knows, we might see each other again in Chapter 7.

Written on August 10, 2018