Understanding The Weirdest Of The Weird


How accepting Weird Animals can teach us to understand Weird Humans

We are all taught to choose our friends wisely.
It’s imperative that we should do that. It’s the only way to stay away from the Haters, Betrayers, and Backstabbers.
Having friends can determine where you are going. Your friends can either make you or break you. They could be really nice to you today and kill (not literally) you tomorrow.

Because of this, we become “Picky”! We think hard and choose the right friends.
The ones who are loyal, true, sincere, kind, honest and most of the words that you can find in the Walt Disney movies.
Because we are the sum of the company that we keep. And by that, we are attracted to those who mirror our social identity.

To put this perspective in real life… I’m going to ask you a question.
You don’t have to answer or reply back. I just want you to grasp the substance of what I’m writing today.

The question is this…

“How many Real Friends do you really have”?




Why the pause? I paused because I know it took you only a few seconds to count.
They are not much are they?

And I bet it applies to everyone in this world. We only have a few because we don’t want to get hurt.
Get hurt by somebody who is “New” to our lives.
That we close our doors to them by saying that our friend’s list is “All Full”.

Allow me to give you one suitable example.
We all love animals. And I have to believe that 90% of us have pets in the house. My question is this… What kind of animals do you have?


Let me guess, it’s either you have one of these… Dogs & Cats are at the top of the list. Maybe some Birds & Fish, and a few other cute creatures.
Rarely of you have those wild, exotic and dangerous animals. Those creatures that can hurt us and do us harm.

Why don’t we all change that. Let’s try to be more bold & adventurous and see what good will it bring us. I, for one, is starting to do that.

I got an Exotic animal that most people won’t bother to keep in their house. Me and my family have now an adult albino Hedgehog in our home.
It’s a kind of animal that is outside of our norm and certainly does not make good pets. They are wild animals. They are like porcupines with all the prickly and spiky thorns all around their body.
Hedgehogs can be dangerous because their quills can penetrate our skin and have been known to spread a bacteria germ that can cause fever, stomach pain, and a rash.
Still, I kept it as a pet knowing that something good will come out of it.

And with all the numerous bites on my finger and several pricks & pokes in my hand, I enduringly came to accept the wild beast. After a period of time, I learned to understand that weird animal.
I recently found out that not all of “Hogwarts” (name of our pet) body is covered with spikes. His belly is surprisingly soft (just like cotton candy).
Meaning to say, you can get the spiky animal by sliding your hand at the bottom in order to carry them. And when they are relaxed and not in defensive mode they can snuggle up to their human companions.

Did something good come out of it… Absolutely!!! I learned two important things…

1.) FOR ANIMALS: That there is a “Soft Spot” in all Weird and Wild animals.
That they too can be your “Beloved Pets” if we know how to handle them correctly. And by this, I learned the true value of… “Understanding”.

2.) FOR HUMANS: With these new “Understanding”, maybe there is a chance to get to know “New Friends”.
They may be weird and different but (believe it or not) they do also have some good qualities in them.

And to fully Understand the Weirdest of the Weird, we commit to memory these 3 words…


Recognize these souls when they come into your life. Hold on to them. Invest in them. They come in many forms (human or beast alike) but they all come from one source.
It’s difficult I know, especially if you encounter the weird like the Haters, the Hypocrites and even the most Evil of them all.
God created them for a reason and it is obvious that God loves them equally as to us. Maybe the reason they are like that is that they are hurting deep inside. Maybe they can’t handle the pain and want to throw their trash to somebody else.

You are the one with a “Deeper Understanding”.
Don’t hate them nor despise them. But rather accept them and try to fix them.
You’ll never know, maybe that one troubled person will make a Big Footprint in your Heart!

Written on April 12, 2019