Too Much Love Won't Kill You


People think Love is about kissing their spouse regularly, buying their children everything that they want, visiting their old folks, and treating their laborers like family.
Family always comes first. They are the reason why we live. They are our lifelines. The ones that complete us. After all, they are God’s gift to us, as we are to them.
My hats off to all of you. You demonstrate and present love to your loved ones and the people important to you. But nobody gets credit loving those people who dearly loves us. That part is so easy. It’s automatic with not quite a challenge.
So in theory, we are all just categorized as… “Ordinary”! And when we die and go to Heaven, we will get our pass through the gates and be reunited with those who went before us.
Then we will be called… “Ordinary Souls”!

My friends from France are completely different. They choose to be not Ordinary. Her name is Pauline. And the guy’s name is Johan. She is a Real Estate Broker while He is a Life Guard.
She lives in Mont-de-Marsan. And He works in Bayonne. Every weekend, Pauline travels 105 km from her place to Johan’s beach for them to be reunited.
They make the most of their time and sleep in Johan’s camper. They walked on the beach waiting for the sunset and have dinner by the bay.
It’s very romantic…. like what you see in the movies.

Their story is what people desire and long-for. Intimate Passion and Deeply in Love. They can just stop from there, die and go to Heaven just like Ordinary people.
But no, Pauline went to Senegal. Sponsored a child to get his education until he gets a professional degree.
Johan, on the other hand, went to visit me in The Philippines. Then headed to Siargao islands purposely to surf. One year after, Johan (this time, together with Pauline), went back to Manila with a big luggage along with their backpacks. When they open their hefty suitcase, it was full of gifts intentionally for the poor kids of Siargao. They gave us “Pasalubongs” as well, being friends and all.
But the thing that really mattered is their desire to give… especially to the needy. The people who are total strangers to them.
Which makes them accelerate to another level. They are not just common people anymore… they are “Extra-Ordinary”.

The couples are classified as such because they don’t brag, show-off, and display their endeavors on social media. They just give their Love whenever, wherever. They are not rich. They don’t own any big enterprise in France. They don’t have fancy cars, shoes & pieces of jewelry.
What they have is an “Enlarge Heart”. A guaranteed proof that when they die and meet their maker, they will not just enter the Gates of Heaven…. they will have a special kind of group specifically arranged for them… “The Extra-Ordinary Souls”!
They will have special access to the Angels and exclusivity to talk and be with whoever they want. It’s a reward for them for their small act that they did back on Earth.

I am very much aware that France produces the most beautiful people in the world (2nd to the Philippines of course).
But this two friends of mine are both beautiful inside & out. I was so impressed that I specifically told my eldest Luigi that these kinds of people should be in his “Circle Of Friends”. Their kindness will rub off on him and soon he might be like them.
My son marrying a French Girl…. sure, why not? He’s in good hands!

Everybody is blessed with a choice. We can live and die as Ordinary people or… be someone, making a change, and be an “Extra-Ordinary”.
The choice will rest upon us. The rewards are just there waiting… and Heaven is watching!
Don’t be afraid people. Try to look yourself in the mirror and see if you feel good.
Too Much Love Won’t Kill You….. In fact, it might even Save You! :)

Written on October 5, 2018