The Truth About The Filipino Chinese


We do have a lot of “Tsinoy” (Chinese Filipino) in our country. But how come most of them are Rich?

The answer is this… “They started out Dirt Poor”! They are the prototypical “Rags To Riches” stories here in the Philippines.

In the late 18th century, China was in turmoil. Forcing many Chinese to leave their homeland in hopes of making a living. A lot of them came from Fujian province (southeast coast of mainland China).
Their ancestors would need to travel 3 months by sea to reach countries in Southeast Asia. They lived in the boat cabin for a long time with insufficient water and food. Some could not even last the entire journey.

After that long trip, these Chinese will now land in countries like The Philippines and find how they will survive in a strange place. They don’t have lands, connections and even money.
All they got is their will, grit and determination. They will trade and barter anything to stay alive in a foreign land.

Now most of these Chinese are among the richest in our country today. John Gokongwei, born in Fujian Province, China… peddled along the streets of Cebu and wet markets in various towns selling soaps. Now he owns big companies such as Cebu Pacific, Universal Robina and Robinsons.

Another extraordinary story is of Lucio Tan, who had to work in Bataan Tobacco Factory to help the family. We all know what he is now today.
How about Henry Sy, a small time Sari-Sari store vendor who became the “Shopping Mall King” of Asia.

The list goes on and on and most of them succeeded and past it on to their children. Just look around in your area and try to interview a Tsinoy and ask about their success.
They may have different stories and businesses but the concept and approach remains the same.
They somehow endured the early struggles and now reaping what they sow.

I was lucky that I got to talk to some of my Tsinoy friends who, in some way, made a decent earning and provided well for their family.
I asked them what is wrong with the Filipinos? Why most of them are Poor?

My Tsinoy friends said that Filipinos are “Showy” and give importance on one thing that will depreciate in value… Material Things!
You know, stories like a Yaya buying an iPhone rather than putting up a small Agri-business in their province.

People in the Middle Class that are stuck in limbo because they use their money on things to impress the other Middle Class.
They buy these and that, post it in Facebook, buy some more, then post it to brag to everybody thinking that they belong to the “Elite”.

The “Real Elite” are exactly the opposite. They don’t attend evening parties, buy much branded items, and they definitely hide (not brag) their success in Facebook. They don’t think of houses and cars.
They aim for factories and businesses because according to them, those are they called “Cash Cows” that will feed their needs for life.

These Tsinoys advice are very simple… just 2 words: FRUGALITY & DISCIPLINE.

Nothing poetic, no scientific study, no secrets.
All of us just need to do is to be “Consistent” in doing these 2 words and we will get to their level.

These Tsinoys has definitely come along way. They are living proof of financial success.
If they can do it, We can do it too.
All we need is to change our mindset!

Written on February 23, 2018