The Old, The Sick, And The Weak

Mang Ben


“Kamusta na ba kalagayan nila?”

These past few weeks, I took a break from social media.
Since the Holy Week, I had a deep and meaningful soul searching just to properly aligned myself to this crazy pandemic world.

Ever since this Covid-19 outbreak started last year, people had gone to “Survival Mode”. Making sure that their families are taken care of from being infected from the unwavering virus and getting the basic needs that they needed and then some.
In summary, it is safe to say that we all went through that “Survival Mode”.
Even up to this day, we still do…
After all, family comes first… di ba?

But little did we know that because of this “Survival Mode” we have somewhat become more reserved, more cautious, and if I may… more “Selfish”.
All of a sudden we have this “Me, Me, Me” attitude.
We got this wrong assumption that liking one’s post on FB and offering prayers on social media would suffice.
But honestly, it is not.

When was the last time you went to help somebody?
When was the last moment you personally comforted someone who’s in dire need of emotional support?
When was the last time you reached out to help a stranger?
And when was the last time you help somebody in private?

Regardless of our religion, financial status, and our condition in life… each one of us has the capability to help our fellow citizens who are in need.
I mean everyone, even the poor, can help.
In fact, it’s the poor, who don’t have much, who are more than willing to give out.
They help because they can relate. They know how it feels to be in need.

This what they call “2nd surge” has devastated and put a vast majority of us on the ground.
We lost our jobs, our way of living, our freedom, and more painfully… we lost our loved ones due to Covid.

People need help more than ever.
Instead of making excuses and pinpointing someone to blame… why don’t we just act and help. If the government and our LGU’s are slow to move, why don’t we do something in our community? It doesn’t have to be big… your own small way of helping would inspire your neighbors to do the same.

The Old, The Sick, and the Weak need our attention.
I suggest that we start looking at the people around us first then gradually go outside of our circle.
You don’t have to physically go to the hospital to help where you can potentially contract the virus.
You can share a little of your cooking skills, bake some donuts, then send it to the tired and weary nurses in your localized hospital.

I am aware that some of you have been helping since this pandemic started and I am grateful for that… pero kulang pa..
Kulang na kulang pa…

Maraming pa rin tao dito sa atin ang “Walang Pake”.
Wala silang Pake before Covid started…
At lalo nang “Wala silang Pake” during this pandemic.
I do hope that this blog post will wake them up even a bit. 🧟‍♂️

So I am writing to those who have some kindness in their heart to either continue what they are doing on helping others or for those who haven’t started… it is not too late.

In the coming weeks, I will begin this journey of helping “The Old, The Sick, and the Weak”.
Some of those will be posted on social media just to inspire people and hopefully spark their own journey.
But the majority of my actions on helping, I will just keep it to myself and make it private.
Pope Francis mentioned in his video prayer during the Holy Week… that he is deeply touched by the Filipino’s Kindness and Generosity.

We all have that genuine trait in us. Lahat tayo ay matulungin.
If the vast majority of our populace would share some of their blessings… then it is very possible to see The Old getting 10 years younger and be more happier, witnessing The Sick feeling supported and loved (regardless of their health outcome), and a boost of morale to those who are Weak.

Our creator is watching us. He gave us talents in order to share it.
Let’s spread the love and show some good deeds. ♥

There is a saying if you close your fists, you block all “Positive Things” that will enter your life.
If you allow your fist to open even a little bit…
You will see some positivity coming in…
More blessings than you can imagine. 🌈

So open ninyo na ang mga kamao ninyo…
Try ninyo lang kahit one week, then balitaan mo ako after. 😍

Francis Isberto

Written on April 17, 2021