The Korean Magnet

Korean Magnet

Boracay, even with its environmental issues and sewage problem, still gathered 1.7 million tourists in a duration of just one year. Koreans topped the foreign tourists who visited the famed island last year, accounting for 37% of the total number.

If you look at the world map, the Philippines is the nearest tropical country near South Korea. That is why you see a lot of Koreans all over to the Philippines to study, to do business and to experience the Sun. Koreans really dig the heat of the sun, especially on the beach, that is why they flock to our country all year round.

Erron, 1st cousin of my wife, is one of the resident living in Boracay. He migrated in that pearly white sand island together with his wife and his son (My handsome inaanak).
Erron immediately got a job as a tour guide and has never left the popular haven ever since.

But the one thing that made Erron special is his excellent service to his guests. He makes sure that all of his guests gets what they need. He sometimes goes home late at night because he needs to do overtime service to the request of his guests.
Erron hardly complains and he treats his guests just like one of his close friends.

He is so likable that if you look at his Facebook profile… you would see that he has lots of Korean friends. And mind you, the communication between the tour guide and his former foreign guests still goes on even from afar.
Koreans (and other nationalities) simply love him. Not only because of his wonderful service but Erron always smiles to all people…. a thing that we should emulate on our careers and business endeavors.

Erron also likes Photography and he always brings his Canon camera, takes pictures of his guests standing by the beach, and send it out to them for FREE!
Me and my family visited Erron in Boracay last 2016 and stayed there for about a week. Erron quickly offered his services and said to us that he will accompany us for the entire week to visit the whole island.
Knowing that this will affect his weekly earnings, I politely declined his generous offer and said that he should think about his guests first then we can drink beer after his working hours.

But Erron still finds time to check on us, probed if the place that we are staying is safe, and gave us tips and advises about the island.
He even took pictures of us and gave the printed copies to us before we went back to Manila.

You see, it is Erron’s friendly personality, generosity, and deep knowledge about the island of Boracay and all of the people living in it, made him a ideal Korean Magnet. Erron is a pro-typical tour guide of the new generation.

It’s nice to be a Magnet of Something. If we are magnets, we can attract a lot of positive things like money, friends, adventures, business opportunities, and wonderful memories that we will treasure forever.
Let’s be Magnets…. shall we!

Written on January 23, 2018