The Definition Of A Friend Girl

Friend Girl

What is the meaning of a Friend Girl? Does that word exist?
And if there is such a word, can that be effective in a Girl-Boy relationship?

Me alone was not aware that there is such a term.
I thought girls are built to be your love interest, bear your children, and were designed where boys really want… SEX!

Bear with me if you please. I came from an All-Boys school where all of us students were like a pack of hungry hyenas trap in an isolated island.
You can just imagine what our reaction would look like if we saw an incoming boat full of gazelles.
Our boat was the Soirée, the High School Dance, and other events from All-Girls school like Poveda, St. Paul, and St. Scholastica.
Most of us were predators ready to pounce for an attack.

Little did most of us know that these Gazelles are not afraid of us. They are just afraid of our actions.
What these Gazelles really want is to have a friend that they can count on.
How come this word “Friend-Girl” doesn’t exist in our time?
How come, even up to this day, most guys don’t know the meaning of the word?

My son Luigi knows the meaning of the word.
He practices it every day. He treats girls with respect and with no malice.
He takes care of them and sees to it that they are protected from harm.
Even if these girls are the prettiest and the hottest, he puts his personal interest and desire at bay.
The only thing that my son is after is to be their friend.

If I am a girl, I would go to a guy like Luigi in a heartbeat.
I would go to him because his intention is pure and clean.

At the early age of 9, my son befriended these magnificent Gazelles.
One of them is Casey. She was a member of the cheerleading squad in St. Scholastica. She became Luigi childhood playmate.
They were together almost every day.
And after all of that tiring endless outdoor play, Luigi will accompany Casey back to her parent’s house, which coincidentally won their trusts.
Casey and her family have now migrated to Australia.
We still do keep our communication lines open. She may be far away but we still keep her in our hearts.
In due time, if Casey can’t go home to the Philippines… Luigi can fly to Adelaide to pay them a visit.
I’m sure her parents won’t mind.

Another girl that we became close with is Czarina.
Luigi met her in a place where it is dominated by boys… a form of martial arts called Aikido.
Czarina is what we call his “Guardian Angel”. She is patient and understanding to Luigi. In fact, Czarina is loved by many in their Aikido group.
She is so gentle, kind, courteous which had a big outcome on my son.
We don’t see her now often because they have different Aikido dojos, and it was unfortunate to miss her debut party.
But we know, they will cross paths again. That is for certain!

Luigi can adjust and adapt to women who are much older than him.
Our friends from Europe gave me feedback that they were glad to meet a fine young gentleman like Luigi.
Luigi also is a member of the Youth Ministry in our parish church in Merville Park. He is just new to the group but he is eager to talk to most of them.

In doesn’t stop from there.
Recently, Luigi went to our province in Balayan Batangas to talk and chat with some of the locals there.
Charming young girls like Suzanne and Kishi are now keeping tabs with Luigi.
These girls have in some way have a good effect on my firstborn.
The girls taught Luigi to speak more deeper Tagalog. They play games where nobody does in Manila (Street games).
And they are showing Luigi that simplicity is the way to a happy and better life.

Girls like Luigi because he is harmless, decent and a real friend.
Make no mistake, Luigi is still a Hyena but is formed like a Stuff Toy.
We all know that girls have a thing with Stuff Toys.

This is a shut-out to all of the guys out there.
Why can’t we be like Luigi? Let’s stop from being hyenas for a while. Let’s delay our hunger for meat even for a day.
Let’s just observe these Gazelles. How they talk. How they move. How they react. And how they lived.
Let’s just listen and ask them what they want.
And let’s have some Friend-Girl in our life for a change.
A friend-girl relationship where you support each other through adversity. Practice forgiveness.
Helping each other to be a better person. Respecting each other’s point of view. Unconditionally trusting each other.
And protecting each other at all cost.
Isn’t it nice that we have a real friend that is not a dude (Bros before Hoes)!
Time to change our diet, my friends.
Gazelles can bond with Hyenas if we know how to tame ourselves.
Let’s do that, shall we!

And to Luigi, I’m happy that even though you are only 15, you are behaving like a rational adult where most people not only love you but they respect you.
Bear in mind to keep in touch with your old Friend-Girls.
They are part of your book that helped you develop the genuine person in you.
And also be active with your new Friend-Girls.
Don’t take them for granted. Treat them fair, nice, and without bias.
You will be meeting more Friend Girls as you progressed through the years to come.
Take care of all your Friend-Girls. They are your genuine friends for LIFE!

Sometime in the future…
When your heart beats faster than it normally used to.
When you are always singing that one song for no reason at all.
When you feel that the infatuation has developed into true love.
When you want to change the status of your one Friend-Girl to your “Girl-Friend”

Then go ask her parents if we can invite her to our house for dinner.
Your Mom will be so thrilled where she will prepare a feast for her.
And I will roll down the red carpet upon her arrival… excitingly ecstatic to meet her.

Written on August 30, 2019