The Best Travel Partner Is ... Your Mother


“Why traveling with your Mom is probably one of the best decisions that you’re ever gonna make”.

Is traveling with your parents a good idea? Allow me to share this story…

We accept guests from our Rental Property almost every day. Whether they are foreign or local, they mostly come in pairs. And why not, traveling with your special someone is the most ideal travel plan (not to mention romantic).
We accept guests from different forms and sizes. From newlyweds, to senior citizen retirees, to boyfriend-girlfriend types, we even have individuals who bring along their mistresses.
They always come in twos… always as lovers.

Recently, I received a message from Belgium. Her name is Mael. Mael is such a doll. She got the smile that could melt any guy’s heart.
So Mael called and indicated that she is coming over with a partner. We assumed that it’s going to be her boyfriend or husband. But lo and behold, she came in with an unexpected partner… Mael came in with her Mother.

I was shocked! It’s not that we never experienced guests who are family, but we rarely received guests that are not lovers.
Mael and her “Mum” spent one night with us then took off first thing in the morning for their flight to Palawan.
During their stay in our place, we noticed that they are the happiest traveling partners that we have ever received. They are so close together, we even thought that they were sisters.

People nowadays are so fixated with the honeymoon travel plan that sometimes they forget somebody behind. Like their family member for instance.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you get to travel with the person who brought you to this world? The lady who carried you for 9 straight months.
The woman who breastfeed you, bathe you, and nurtured you from beginning to end.

I was never close to my Mother. She and My Dad separated when I was still an infant.
I spent most of my school time in my Dad’s place. Then off to my Mom’s place on the weekend. But I rarely see her.
She is always busy doing something else. It’s her Mom (my Grandmother) who takes care of me over the weekend.

It’s only later on my Mom’s life where I get to bond with her. My Mother bought a big house in Quezon City and invited me to stay with her. It was an offer that I can’t resist.
During those times, my Mom and I bonded and catch up on a lot of things. We spent a lot of time in the dining table talking about life in general.
My Mom also taught me to give importance to Travel (A thing that I don’t prioritize in).

In the past, I was used to spend most of my savings on materials things. My Mother taught me otherwise.
She said that Traveling is by far the best thing that each individual should give time in. I didn’t believe her at first. I knew back then that all of that is just unnecessary expense.

I was wrong. My Mom and I traveled to many places, both local and foreign. As we moved from one place to another, I started to notice that my Mother was right.
Traveling broadened my horizon. It gave me a deeper perspective on life. It was one of the best real-life education that I received outside of my traditional schooling.

But the most important fact is that I get to spend quality time together with my Mom. She passed away 8 years ago but I will forever cherish our time together, most especially our travels together.
Whenever I feel lonely and start to miss her, I just close my eyes and think of all the places that we traveled together. There were so many of them. So many places and memories to revisit.

The Belgium girl Mael, me, and soon my kids will forever be lucky and fortunate that we have spent time with the best person in the world.
Creating beautiful memoirs that will last a lifetime.

I do hope that you do that too. Call your mother now before it’s too late. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can even invite her for dinner for starters.
Go to places that you both like. Take lots of photos. Shoot videos if you must.

Life is too short. Your mother can be here today and gone tomorrow.
Don’t procrastinate. Do it now.

And once you followed my advice. You will come thank me one day and say that I am truly right.
You will now fully believe that the Best Travel Partner is your Mother!

Written on February 11, 2020