Tatlong Bibe

Ducks are us

May tatlong bibe akong nakita…
Mataba mapayat mga bibe…
Ngunit ang may pakpak…

Well you know how the song goes. But to those who doesn’t, it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is the principle of a bibe. Bibe or Pato and even Itik are Tagalog terms of Philippine Ducks.

Why Ducks! There are several reasons why a Filipino should raise ducks in their backyards, farms or vacant lands. Consider the following:

Duck raising provides meat and eggs for the family. Duck eggs are nutritious and provide needed protein for the family. Duck meat can be cooked in even more ways than chicken and is an excellent addition to the family diet. Duck Confit or Roast Duck anyone???

A farm family will have a daily supply of eggs, and you will be able to sell any surplus eggs for additional income.

Duck raising is more practical for a small backyard project than raising chickens. Ducks are productive for a longer period of time than chickens. You will need to replace your layers only once every 18 months in order to keep production high.
This means saving on the cost of replacement stock. Generally, you have to replace your laying flock only twice every three years.

The birds do not require any elaborate housing with a multitude of windows, dropping-boards, perches, and nest boxes. Generally, you can keep in ducks in simple sheds at night and let them loose during the day.

Ducks are very rarely afflicted with coccidiosis, and when this disease strikes, its effects are not as bad as on chickens. The ducks are also not as frequently affected by such fowl diseases as fowl pest and bacillary white diarrhea.

Ducks lay their eggs at night or early in the morning, so eggs can be collected in the morning before letting the ducks loose to range during the day.

Using Friendillion, I went to my province and hometown in Balayan Batangas and talked to my wife’s uncle whom I saw was taking care of ducks. He started with only a pair and now has hundreds of them. It is not their main source of income, but they can earn money if they sell a few of their stock to interested breeders and consumers.
Tito Alex (or Uncle Alex) also have the option of duck meat for dinner whenever they want to. Both Tito Alex and Tita Mimi is busy earning a livelihood but they somehow manage to take care of their ducks on their limited time.

The beauty of this is that they don’t spend so much money on food for their ducks. The owners just go from house to house and ask for food scraps for their gentle long beak birds. It’s their kind of hobby where it’s both therapeutic and money saver. Everything is almost for FREE!

They don’t have a big property (maybe less than 150 square meters). But they have 2 Mango trees, A few Banana trees, and their modest house. Their ducks are mostly scattered in their land, but most of them hid under their house when the sun is scorching.

Amazed with their unique hobby, I consulted with the couple and asked some advice. I told them that I want to raise a few ducks for meat and egg purposes in my land located in the same province. So I got a pair after we talked and send the animals straight to my property.
I’m really so excited about it that I’m so impatiently eager to add more of them as the days and months progress.

1.) You don’t need a big land to have ducks (or any kind of animals). A small yard is suitable enough to have and raise them.

2.) You don’t need to make it like a business. Just start small. Know the inside and out. Make the mistakes. Get the experience. Then make a decision if you want to expand it to a business or just maintain it as a passion. Either way, both decisions will definitely be more than rewarding.

3.) Don’t be afraid to ask around. Open your eyes and your ears. Talk to people (even strangers). You’ll never know that the same stranger might be the one who will help and guide you put up the hobby or business that you want.

4.) Lastly, enjoy ducks! Not just the meat and eggs. Just observed as they quack and move. They are such lovely creatures to have.

For more information… you may watch my YouTube video and see where did I get my pair of ducks.

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Tatlong Bibe

More to follow about my ducks soon…. Quack! Quack! Quack!

Written on November 29, 2017