Suicide Spirits And Elementals


Imagine yourself taking a vacation in a serene place where there are lots of trees, favorable weather, and all the organic food that you can eat.
Later that evening, the forest insects will make the night chirping sounds that will be your lullaby to sleep.
Then suddenly, somebody will intrude your sleep and wake you at 2:30 am. Crying, mourning, and begging you to come out to the tree that he is pointing at. You then followed his request and make your way towards the tree.
From there you will see a lady underneath the branch of the tree… hanged by the rope she tied that same night.
Death by hanging… Creepy isn’t it?

Well, that exactly happened to me a few years back in my province in Batangas. Our staff, who were a couple, had a fight the night before the suicide, and the wife just gave up on life and hang herself.
Trust me, with all the Scary Train rides and Horror Houses that I’ve been in… nothing came close to this one. A real human being, with her eyes wide like she is almost staring at you.

Even if my Third Eye was acutely passive, I still hear, feel, and sense spirits and other unexplainable things.
Whether I’m driving all alone at night, or me working in front of my computer in the wee hours of the morning… I felt them passing through. I do my best not to entertain them because when I do… we all know that is not the end of it.

Anybody encountered a “Tikbalang” or a creature that is demi-human, half horse and half man? Yeah, I had those too.
For those who don’t believe me… I then dare you to go to that place, start cursing the creature that I’ve mentioned, and you will experience first hand what I am talking about.
Those “Tabi-Tabi po” or “Pardon me for Passing through” are just signs of gesture and permission specifically for the elemental creatures that were existing even before Christianity came along.
The “Nuno sa Punso” or “Old Man of the Mound” is a dwarf-like nature spirit that is believed to live in an anthill and other isolated areas.
They are a lot of them actually, we just ignore them or scared to know that they truly exist.

I am writing this piece not to scare you but to provide you “Awareness & Acceptance” that these spirits, ghost, and elementals were God’s creation too.
We need to give them respect and give them space in a world that we don’t entirely fully owned.

“Trick Or Treat” was nice! Getting the chocolates & candies and all that. But my two children are way beyond that.
What I am giving to my 2 boys right now is the deeper understanding that we are not the only ones living in this one cosmos terrene.
And most of all, I am teaching them to Respect all God’s creation… both the living and the dead. That loving nature does not end in the ocean, mountains and the trees.

This Halloween and the upcoming Feast of All Souls, beyond the candies and treats, outside the limits of the family clan gathering and parties…. let’s not forget the souls that we’ve loved during their time here on earth.
We commemorate their life and contribution and we pray for their souls.

But let’s not stop from there. The Suicide, Spirits, and Elementals…. let’s take away our fear for a moment. Let your curiosity intrigue your rapacious mind.
Why are there here? What is their purpose? Etcetera, etcetera…

If you do, you will discover that not all of them are scary evil. There are beings that are good too. Those who protect our nature and Mother Earth.
Those beings that could even enlighten you and show you the true meaning of life.

Written on October 26, 2018