Start With Your Backyard


“Every business started small, and most of them came from their own backyard”

Most of the backyard within everyone’s home has its purposes. Their backyard is commonly known as their garden or a place to hang out and unwind. This is also where they held their parties with their guests.

But there is some backyard that is isolated, abandoned, and deserted.
Their backyard has turned into a junk pile of their unwanted things.
And it’s not only their backyard… there are also neglected empty garage, vacated rooms, and living rooms.

It is not advisable if you have an idle place in your home. It becomes a negative semblance that can have a gloomy effect on you and your family. That is why it is recommended that you don’t leave any stone unturned.
In that sense, you should not have any section in your home empty. Every station must serve its objective.

I have friends who are exactly doing that. He converted his once empty backyard into a hobby and business rolled into one.
The couple stared first with their hobby of taking care of Lovebirds. They have this enclosure for these curious, energetic and charming birds who originated from Africa.
It is not only their therapeutic routine, but they also make some money from the sales of the birds.

Just recently, they added another business and hobby at the same backyard that they’re occupied at. They integrated another set of birds at that same location.
This time, the intention is to make more profit. Their next set of birds is the quirky alternative poultry for backyard farming… I’m mentioning no other than the Quail birds.

We probably know Quail for their Eggs (Pugo). But they can also be served for meat purposes. Quail raising in our country is promising.
This venture can be started with a much lower capital investment compared to chicken and ducks. It also offers quick financial cycles that lead to quicker returns.
According to the estimates, and assuming that there is no mortality, a quail farmer can augment his income with an additional Php 4,800 for every 300 quails that he raises.

My friends Kennet and Jopay has thousand of these laying birds in their backyard.
At first, the couple was eating, consuming, and adding these quail eggs to their daily menu. Then later, they pass the word out to their neighbors, friends, and relatives.
Now, they don’t just have eggs on the table but they also have extra money on their bank accounts.

Being intrigued by what the couple was doing, I took the time to pay them a visit. I went to their house early in the morning to observe their fascinating backyard business. I saw Jopay carrying a pail where she puts all the eggs from the proceeds of their daily harvests. The pail was so heavy that she needs to place it on top of a stool to prevent bruises from her arm.
Kennet, on the other hand, is doing the marketing. He contacts the sellers at the marketplace to confirm their orders. He also gets calls and text messages from the locals within their town.
So aside from delivering these eggs packed in pizza boxes, they also accept pick-ups and walk-in customers to their house.

You have to believe me, the eggs were so many.
It is like unlimited “Kwek-Kwek” until you drop. I had too many of those eggs up to the point where I had to skip dinner.

At present, the couple had their Quail backyard business transferred to the “Bukid” (outskirts) for further expansion. These Quails will also be needing more better ventilation for them to lay their eggs efficiently.
I don’t know what the couple business projections are, but the way I see it, it looks like they are going aggressive.

So for those, who have an idle backyard or an empty garage… try to do what these couples did with theirs.
It doesn’t have to be Quail farming. It can be Dimsum (Siopao & Siomai) joint in your empty garage (which I did a couple of years back).
Or if you love gardening, you can raise orchids or other plant ornamentals that you think will have your interest as well as to the market near you.
In summary, leave no part of the house idle just to keep the positivity and good luck charm into your home.

Kennet and Jopay are having the best time of their lives. They go to the beach (or baywalk) on weekends. They also have family dinner night out on weekdays.
The couple has obviously had other sources of income but the one that really catches their attention are these small critters that lay eggs every single day. The sounds that they hear from their Quails are strikingly bliss.
Their eggs have so many health benefits that improve metabolism, reduce blood pressure, improve allergy symptoms, and prevent chronic diseases.
It is the ideal backyard business for any family. And when you have these amazing birds at your backyard, you have to really praise them and say thanks by saying out loud…
“Hail to the Quail”!

Written on October 12, 2019