Spoiling Is Grandparents Specialty


This Sunday is Grandparents Day! Although this event is as not as celebrated compared to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, still people give importance to the parents of the couple who gave birth to them.
Lolo and Lola as we commonly call them. They may be slow and weak. White or regressing hair. A little bit outdated in technology and the internet. Still, we call them as our very own heroes.

You see, what these elderly people lack on health and innovation, they pay up with knowledge, many years of experience, and lots of patience in loving and guiding not only their children but their priceless grandchildren.
One thing they are very good at is the art of “Spoiling”! Almost all grandparents overindulge the kids of their children with an abundant of kindness…. up to a point when they had more than enough that they can muster. These elderlies pamper their grandchildren with toys, candies, chocolates, treats, and anything that they can find on Amazon or eBay.

Back in their prime, they can’t simply do it. They have to work. They have to bring food to the table. They have to bring their kids to school. And above all, they have to commit discipline.
And upon reaching their senior age. That’s is the time they graduate from all of that and just concentrate on love and giving. That love and giving are obviously spoon-fed to the offspring of the children that they raised for so many years.

I personally experienced all of that “Spoiling” from my grandparents. As you could see in this picture (sandwich by my Lolo & Lola), I was very close to them.
My Lolo (A retired Airforce Colonel) always massage my back before I head out to school. I became so spoiled that I won’t get up from bed until I had that massage.
My Lola is even worse. She gives me every food that I want. She has to cut her “Cat Nap” in the afternoon because she needs to cook the particular food that I want. It’s ridiculously absurd, but they still do it. And the funny thing about it, my Dad (also a disciplinarian) can’t do anything about it.

My cousins also have a similar story as to mine. Their parents are powerless when in front of our Lolo & Lola. Our grandparents are so powerful that they look like they own the kingdoms and monarchs of the world.

Which brings me to thinking, will I be like my grandparents when the time comes when I will also have my very own Apo (grandchild)?
Honestly, I’m excited to be one. Can I have a time machine please and jump to the period where I am with my granddaughter shopping for dresses and shoes. Then we will go for ice cream after, and a movie afterward.
On the weekend, me and my granddaughter will go to the province and I will teach her to go fishing. We will be very busy up to the point that I will tell my son not to bother us and just keep working. That’s how “Scary” I’m going to be.

So Happy Grandparents to all! Give value to this event. Grandparents Day is a day for celebrating the connections between generations.
Treat your Lolo & Lola right. Spend quality time with them. They did not only earned it but they evidently deserved it. Let them spoil you and love you. Seeing your face is more than enough to make them smile for a lifetime.

I wanna be a Grandparent someday!
I heartily believe that it is not just a rewarding role but… it is, without any doubt, the “Best Job In The World”!

Written on September 7, 2018