Show Must Go On

My Darling Sister

My youngest sister passed away last December 1, 2017 (Same day as my Birthday). Since then, I didn’t want to get up from the bed. Would rather lock myself in the bedroom to cry and contemplate on why she departed so early (26 years of age).
She had so many things to do and accomplish. She has so many talents to share and present to the world. People were just getting to know her…. Why?

I always ask that same question even up today. Why don’t they get the souls of the bums, the murderers, and all the pest in our society. Why her?

Then I reflected upon and accepted that it is her time. Our creator said to her “You’ve done enough… Let them continue!”

Even it is so difficult to move on and continue my regular daily life routine, I need to set in my mind that “The Show must Go On”.
So starting today, I will turn my grieve and distress to awakening, motivation and enthusiasm. I will make my sister Roberta Marie Martinez(+) as an inspiration because that is what she exactly wants me to do… to all of us. Roberta wants us to know that she is now in a better situation…. smiling down on us.

You see, my sister has a gifted voice. Whenever she sings, people were amazed. She has this charisma and glamour that attracts the attention of the audience from the time she starts to sing until the end of the music.

All of us are also gifted. We may not sing as great as her, but we do have some talents to share. Whether it’s being a Mom, or baking a cake, or even doing carpentry. We have it all in us, we just have to use it NOW and not when the time is LATE.
My sister maximized her talents during her 26 years of stay here in this world. She touched so many lives, traveled to different places, and did a lot of adventures a long the way.
Everyday to her was a blessing. She post everyday in Facebook and other social media sites to start her day right. Then no matter what her day went (good or bad) she will post again at night before going to bed. Everyday is a complete day to her. Roberta really made most of her time. I have to say “She Lived a Very Full Life!”

So “The Show must Go On”, and now I’ve added something valuable to my Friendillion project. Something dedicated to my little sister who never fully revealed her voice to the public.
For those who are not aware, Friendillion purpose is to gain 1 million friends. The intent is not to get 1 million friends literally but to have that mindset to achieve new friends that will benefit me, you, and everybody who believes in the project. When we have that positive attitude, our lives will be much better.

I just started this project a few weeks ago and immediately got positive outcome and good results. So as tribute to my darling sister, I will be looking for a young talent out there. Preferably a young girl who has a fascinating voice. That young girl could be waiting to be discovered but don’t have the financial capability and connections to reach her dreams. If given the chance, that young girl could be the next Regine Velasquez or Sarah Geronimo.

As Friendillion continues to grow, we can get in touch with poor families with a daughter who has a gifted voice in the province like Catbalogan City, Tawi-Tawi Island or in Negros. Our intention is not to make a profit from that young girl talents or even become a talent agent. The goal is to see to it that the little girl makes her dream come true. So she can help her poor family and make her town or city proud. But most important of all, to make this little girl shine and broadcast her voice and gifts throughout the country.
Friendillion won’t stop until we find her. It doesn’t matter if it will take 2 or 3 years… we will find her.

Roberta will guide us in finding her and that little girl will continue what Roberta has started. Roberta did not waste her talents. You should use yours too. The world would be a better place to live in if each one of us share our gifts for the common good.
Each one of us should shine. Roberta did it in her lifetime…. It is not to late to do ours as well.

Written on December 11, 2017