She Sells Seashells By The Seashore


“The Positive Effect of Friendliness”

It’s the time of the year again. It’s Summer, where it’s the perfect moment to hit the beach. People flock by land, air, and sea to visit the most popular beach spot in the Philippines. One of the most popular beach is the island of Boracay.
Even with the recent bad rap against the famous tourist spot, travelers still go there to feel the famous white sand that still looks like a “Polvoron”.

People love to travel to vacate their boring routine life.
They travel with their friends and loved ones in order to spend quality time with them. So whether they are in Boracay or some other island, they always come along with somebody.

Ours were the same when we went to Boracay. My wife relatives live on the island so, therefore, we spent time with them.
It’s a period to play catch-up and bond with the relatives. After all, we hardly see each other so this is the perfect occasion to tell stories of old and new.

It’s also the perfect time to bond with my wife and my family.
We hardly get to talk to our children because of work, school, and all the other current activities in the city. So by traveling, we get to draw their limited attention in a place where they are unfamiliar.

We are like most tourists. We travel to have fun. It’s not part of the travel itinerary to meet new friends.
If people’s intent to meet someone new, it’s probably somebody famous, rich, or could be one of the big resort owners.

Ours was different. We met a local, We talked to a local, We befriended a local… just by accident.
Her name is Anne. A resident of Nabas Aklan just 26 kilometers from the island of Boracay. We met her in the market where she sells “Pasalubong” or gift items mostly for tourists.

So while we were buying stuff for our trip back to Manila, Anne was overly chattering and excessively communicative.
Aside from giving us suggestions and tips on what products and items to buy, she was asking a lot of questions. Questions like… “Is it nice in Manila”?, “Why are there so many people working there”?, “How many malls do you got”?
I’ve never seen someone as excited as her. She is so enthusiastic and thrilled to meet us. I assumed she is like that to all of her customers.
One big reason why their store is visited often. Anne treats everybody like a friend.

We felt like we are an extension of her family even for a short period of time. We added each other on Facebook and been friends ever since.

So why am I telling you this???
I have to tell you this because they are lots of Benefits just by Being Friendly with everyone you meet. More often than not, if you show someone kindness and friendliness you could receive “Unexpected Benefits”.
I’m not at all saying that you should only be nice to people so you can get something back, but if you express kindness out of the goodness of your heart and don’t expect something back, the person you just helped will feel your good energy and may pleasantly surprise you with a gift or returned favor.
You just never know.

In our case with Anne, we have a friend from the island, who can be our tour guide and help us with all of our inquiries.
The same thing goes if she needs to go to Manila. We can also assist her with her needs and guide her with the ins and outs.
That’s the purpose of having friends. Helping each other out.

We don’t know when are we going back to Boracay. But when we do, we will surely call Anne. Maybe this time, she can give us a tour of the northern part of Panay island. That looks exciting.
Or maybe, she could bring us to Hurom-Hurom, the Sakaan Falls, and go all around her small town.
Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be fun. Seeing an old friend again is more than enough for us.

Summer is still here. There is still time to travel. But whenever you do travel. Try to be more “Friendlier”. Add that pretty smile to your face.
Believe me, it’s definitely worth it!
It’s like opening a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get!

Written on April 28, 2019