Save Money For A Puppy


Dogs are so adorable! And we all love them, but let’s be honest… they can be really expensive. Some of the popular breeds have a heavy price tag ranging from Php 50,000 - Php 80,000. It’s a figure that most people back away from.

We are one of those people. We shield away from the expensive ones.
After all, we do have pets like our Siamese cat and Hedgehog in our home… But why do we feel that something is lacking? A dog is a dog. The reason why they are Man’s Best Friend.
So we formulated a plan to do something about it. To finally get a dog of our own.

We started off with a 10 peso coin and a “Tibuyo” or “Alkansya” (Piggy Bank).
Whenever we see a 10 peso coin, we drop it off in our large Bamboo Piggy Bank. When we have too many 1 peso or 5 peso coins, we exchange that for our targeted currency value.
I sometimes have a lot of 20 peso bills on my wallet and I have that changed too.

We decided to do this so that there will be thrill and excitement.
It’s teaching my kids the value of patience and educating them that in life, everything takes a process.
Days passed to weeks and weeks passed to months, and we noticed that our piggy bank is getting heavier by the days.

Last Christmas we opened our “Alkansya” and got surprised with the amount that we saved… we accumulated a total amount of Php 12,367.75 (not bad for that bamboo twig).

Now, we have to choose what breed is right for our family.
Should we get the Rottweiler that I always wanted? Nope! that breed is too large for our home… maybe next time.

How about a Shih Tzu? Yeah sure, my wife certainly likes them but it is too “Girlish” for me and people might have a wrong impression of me when I walk that dog out in the street.
Nah, I’ll have to take a raincheck on that.

It took us weeks before we came up with a breed that is perfect not only for one individual but for the entire family. And that is where we decided to get a Chihuahua.

We got the breed because it is the type of dog that fits each of our own personality. Their long coat makes them pretty and charming for the ladies, while them being fierce and relentless make it ideal for us boys.
Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the whole world so they are A+ travel companions.
My wife sometimes places our pup in her sling bag whenever she cooks just to keep her company.
They can be your “Guardians of the Galaxy” and protect you from intruders. These breeds are tough as they come even with their diminutive size.

Now that we come up with the breed, it is now time to look for the right breeder.
Now, a lot of things changed. There are a lot of scammers and crooked people that pretend they are a dog breeder. You are not even sure if you are getting the right and healthy dog.
You’ll spend Php 20,000 for a puppy and they die a few days after. There are a lot of untrusty sellers out there whose main objective is to fool you just to make a buck or two.

Good thing that I know Michael Ong.
He managed different breeds and continuously operates his Mirthland Kennel. Armed with a mountain of experience in dog handling and breeding, Michael has become an authority in keeping dogs.
He is one of the few breeders that can make a Chihuahua have a litter size of more than 5 pups.
He also prices his dogs reasonable enough for his loyal customers. And he has a deep devotion on learning new things that could help him improve his dog kennel.

I went to Micheal, reserved one pup, and now have this wonderful long-haired Chihuahua sleeping in our bed today.

Dogs are adorable and they can be ridiculously expensive.
But all it takes is a 10 peso coin and a bamboo piggy bank.
And when you have that mindset… everything is possible.
Who knows… You might even get a good pedigreed equestrian horse sometime in the future.

Written on March 8, 2019