Running Companion

Running Companion

When I exercise, I always do Swimming. I also intend to do Biking but never Running. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it boring.
But what if I get a running companion. Someone who will force me to jog regularly… Hhhmmmm….

Introducing the Jack Russell Terrier! Developed in England some 200 years ago to hunt foxes, the Jack Russell Terrier (Jacks or JRT for short) are the biggest dogs you’ll ever meet in such tiny package. They can run all day and keep coming back for more. They have tons of energy and won’t be satisfied by a sedate walk around the block. This breed strictly needs 30 to 45 minutes of daily vigorous exercise…. sometimes even more!

So the Jack Russell terrier is going to be “The Answer” for my jogging dilemma. The dog will force me to go outdoors to walk him (or run with him). The JRT will be my “Alarm Clock” in the morning to take my morning run.

And since this breed doesn’t run out of batteries, my kids and maybe my wife will need to take our dog out in the evening as well. So the Jack will keep me and my family healthy since we need to take him/her out for a walk/run.

Before, I was thinking of getting other popular breeds like the Pug or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Though this breeds are cute and nice to be with, they won’t be helping me and my family exercise like the Jack Russell terrier.

And as proof of this breed’s purpose, even our famous Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao has a JRT who was running with him since 2006.
The dog (whom they call Pacman) is no stranger to his master’s morning road runs up tough trails. In fact, he’s one of the few who could even keep up with boxing’s champion’s form from start to finish, and that’s no easy feat.
Just ask some of Manny Pacquiao’s jogging buddies in Los Angeles who couldn’t even keep pace with the Filipino boxer.

Rodents (rats and mice) have always been a problem to farm owners in the Philippines. Losses from these vermin are measured in a lot of pesos each year.
It can be a major cost factor in Poultry farms because of the food that they eat and spoil with feces and urine, the damage they do to the housing and equipment. Further, the diseases they may carry can result in flock health problems, staff health problems and/or food safety concerns regarding the products produced on the farm.
So how do they solve this problem…. Ding, ding, ding…. Call in the Jack Russell terrier.
Would you believe that they too are considered one of the best Rat-Killing breeds. These terriers were bred to hunt vermin from rats even up to snakes. Their short, stocky frames and legs allowed them to “Go to Ground” - and chase those pesky little monsters. Heck, I might consider breeding Jack Russell terriers if ever I want to go back to Poultry farming again.

I’m seriously considering getting a JRT but I’m not in a rush to have one in a flash. I want to thoroughly search and study the available breeders and kennels in our country. I want to get advice, tips and suggestions from a reputable Jack Russell terrier breeder. I also want to talk to my family first on how we can take care of the dog and introduce him/her to our Siamese cat.

But when everything is clear, then that’s the time to get one.
I can imagine it right now… me and my family opening a gift next Christmas eve and the content is a very cute and intelligent Jack Russell Terrier. That will certainly make our Christmas merrier from a terrier!

Written on January 9, 2018