Run It's The Germans

The Germans

Are Germans really bad?
Germany has gotten a bad reputation due to the vicious dictator Adolf Hitler. But not all Germans are bad. In fact, Hitler originated from Austria, same as his parents.
I had the opportunity to meet 2 young Germans who were here with us for a few weeks. I’ll tell you, they are the nicest and warmest people. They are so easy to get along with.
I made it a point to take some time off from my work and just bond with them. It turns out to be a good decision.
My kids also like them that they included Germany on their “Vacation Wish List” if we are fortunate enough to travel to Europe.

We came to know a lot of things about them. The reason why they travel, their school back home, their government and the refugees, their culture, and many more.
We may have different background stories based from our distinct nationalities but for me… they are just like Regular Joe’s… like any other Filipino.
In other words, they are also human beings…. duh!!!

Come to think of it, Germany is not a bad country at all.
Currently, both domestic and international undergraduates at public universities in Germany can Study for FREE!
They have 9 different borders (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czechia, Austria and Switzerland - phew), that you can travel to by just taking a bus or train.
They have the Beers, the Sauerkraut & sausages, the Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Brahms.
Plus, Germany is also home to some of Europe’s finest and most famous castles.

Aside from the dogs (German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler, and Dachshund), they also have the best automobiles such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Germany has a lot of contribution to the world but the only thing that comes to the mind of the people is just…. HITLER or Heil Hitler!

I’m glad I got to meet Johannes and Janina. They certainly proved to me and my family that Germans are nice! They are just misunderstood… that’s all.
Did you know that…. “Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher” is exactly a German word. Google it and you will see.
Are you aware that Germans are very direct. They cut the small talk and say it straight. It just to show that they are not hypocrites and they will tell you straight from their heart.

Until now, we still communicate with our German friends through our social media channels. Johannes is back in school and is busy building a Plane Type Drone. While Janina is thinking of going back to Thailand to help and volunteer with the Save Elephant Foundation.
The future looks bright for these young stalwarts.

The Germans are coming! Sure, we would run. But not away from them but towards them. We will go to Berlin (if given a chance) in a heartbeat.
Germany does not only consist of architectural treasures and fascinating views. The people living in it are even more genuine!

Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen!

Written on February 9, 2018