Resign Then Restart

Side Projects

Step 1: Quit your job 👋
Step 2: Launch side projects 🚀
Step 3: Become profitable in 1 year 💸

In this picture is Justin. A Full Stack Developer based in San Francisco.
I used to collaborate with him and frequently asks techy advice (mostly back-end coding & deployment) from him back in the day.
Justin was working in an established software company where he gets $120,000 per year (plus equity & benefits).
It is a job every web developer always wanted. Working in Silicon Valley and getting all the perks in the company. What more can you ask for…

But Justin resigned from the company that he’s been working for several years. It is so weird to find a guy leaving an association which gives a stable and promising career.

According to Justin, the high salary always comes with a price.
Companies that hire skilled workers like Justin would always squeeze every bit of time, energy, and patience from them.
Therefore, leaving their employees not only drain and tired but also losing the passion to work for the long haul.
It is a high paying job, yes…. but also a very toxic one.

It is scary to resign and back away from stability. How will you keep up with those mortgage payments, the truck amortization, and the yearly vacation to Hawaii?
So Justin did the unthinkable. Quit his job, launch his side project, and now on the verge of making a profit before the end of the year.
He may have to juggle with those payments and eat lima beans for a while but everything will be worthwhile because this Web Developer has created a company of his own.
He has now a few employees and venture capitalist up his sleeves.
Justin showed me his developed prototype. I have to say, it looks really promising.
Just look at his smile on this picture and wall of photos on the background… the title alone is something to look forward to.

Justin is just one guy who is brave and adventurous enough to follow his dreams. There are more of them from different countries, skills, and profession who left their promising career to a “MORE PROMISING ONE”!

I’m glad I met this American guy. It made me come running not afraid towards uncertainty. It made me not to worry and take away all my anxiety.
I am now that type of guy who wants the ball at the dying minutes of the basketball game. I want and demand to take that last shot.
It’s not the outcome that I am after but it the process of watching the ball up in the air heading towards the ring.
I really don’t care about the end result, it’s me having no fear and in fact believing in everything that I am doing.
That I may miss a lot of shots in a basketball game but surely one day I’ll be making the big basket as well. Me, winning the game!

And just like Justin, I also have taken the plunge.

How about you? Have you quit your job? What side projects are working on right now?

Live the life that you want… “Resign then Restart”!

It’s gonna make you smile at the end of the day!

Written on February 1, 2019