Remote Work, Monopoly, And Family Bonding


As of today, most of us are in community quarantine (or to most people commonly known as a “Lockdown”).
Schools are closed. Malls have shut their doors. Streets are empty. Our Government and Health Officials are strongly encouraging “Social Distancing”.
Panic is everywhere. Tissues and Alcohol are running out. Fake news in social media is rampant. Your actions and choices are limited.
There is not much to do but to follow strict orders and isolate yourself from the mass people that could be infected virus carriers.

Indeed the COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and brought fear into our homes.

But what can do really?
If you are not a Doctor or Nurse or a Scientist who will invent the vaccine that will give remedy to this alarming disease, then the only thing that we can do is to “Stay Home” and wait it out until this “Virus Crisis” subsides.

Our role as ordinary citizens is to commit to ourselves to “Flatten the Curve”.
If we do our part by not going out frequently and limiting Social Contact, then we can reduce the rates of transmission so it won’t soar exponentially and overwhelm our health systems.
Delaying and Slowing down the Spread is the Key to combat this virus… or at least to keep it at bay.

So what now?
You might ask that particular question that you could be bored to death in your very home.
Here’s what I’ll say to you…
“Think of Something”!
Think of something good that can benefit you and your family during this time of isolation. There are lots of things that you can do during your spare time.
You can acquire a new skill on the internet. Renew your faith with God. Continue the hobby that you started. Do Yoga and cook more healthy organic food. or Watch all the shows on Netflix.
The choice is all yours.

For me, it is simply this…
“Remote Work, Monopoly, and lots and lots of Family Bonding”

REMOTE WORK => It’s quite obvious that we still need to earn money and bring food on the table. My Remote work is my way of providing these necessities to my family.
I’m just fortunate that I have been doing this remote work even before the COVID-19 came into play.
Instead of bragging my skills to you, I rather suggest that you get some too. I advise you to learn something new on the Internet.

Here is some remote work that is in demand…
-Medical Transcriptionist
-Video and Photo Editing
-Software Engineer
-ESL Tutor (English as a Second Language)
-Graphic Designer
-Advertising and PR (especially in Social Media)
-etc, etc.

Either this will be a career change to you after this virus crisis or a supplementary income to you on the weekends, it is totally up to you.
Either way, the new skill that you have acquired has become a weapon in your armory that can use anytime you need it.

MONOPOLY => We live in a technology and fast pace world.
And the one thing that this COVID-19 is telling us is to slow down a little and go back to basics. Appreciate the things back in the ’80s. Old things like Monopoly and other board games.
Me and my family play these kinds of games to get some time off from Technology and Netflix. Through these board games, we get to bond as a family.

Sure Mobile Legends, NBA2k20, and Netflix’s Kingdom 2 are addictive. But these mediums are also taking away our quality time with our loved ones.
Read a book, play the guitar, and let these board games bring you back to basics and teach you the true meaning of happiness.

FAMILY BONDING => When was the last time that you said “I Love You” to your dear husband? When was the last time that you had a long and meaningful talk with your daughter?
Not much I bet. We must confess that we all are.
That is why we should maximize this “Community Quarantine” for us to take that time to show our loved ones how immensely valuable they are to us.

I am doing that as we speak. I kiss my wife at least 8 times a day and tell her how much I love her.
I get to talk to my eldest about his “Crushes with Girls” and more importantly his directions in life.
My youngest son who is Autistic is my solace and everyday comfort. Just by simply hugging him, tickling him, and sharing laughter together erase all my stress and anxiety from this crazy virus crisis.

Soon this will be over. The COVID-19 virus that we all dreaded will diminish.
Everything will go back to normal.
Schools will re-open. Malls will invite people to come in. Streets will be busy.

Until that time up to this present day, you should ask yourself…
What have I done lately? Was it meaningful for me? Was I able to spend time with my family?

The COVID-19 came to existence to let our “Dying Mother Earth” rest for a while.
That doesn’t mean that you should rest too.

There is a saying that “In the midst of every Crisis, lies Great Opportunity”
Don’t let that opportunity slip right through you. Grab it and seize it.

This could be a “Life Changer” that you all been looking for.

Written on March 16, 2020