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My 10 year old niece Sofia is very shy and quiet girl. She normally just says hello to people whenever there is a gathering. Then she looks for a place to sit and play her iPad. She never talk to much…. Little did I know that she is an “Aspiring YouTuber”!

A YouTuber are personalities and videographers who have gained popularity from their videos. A lot of Filipinos made big money out of YouTube.
Guys like Wil Dasovich, an award-winning Filipino American YouTuber known for his daily vlogs.
Will already gained more than 1 Million subscribers and approximately earns $2,000/PHP 100,000 monthly.

Another one is Ranz Kyle and his very talented sister Niana, who could be the next “Dance Princess”. Their channel is all about moves and grooves on the new dance craze.
With their almost close to 4 Million stronghold subscribers, their estimated earnings are over $5,000/PHP 290,000 a month just from their YouTube channel.

It’s crazy! It’s really hard to believe… but all of this are TRUE!

So upon checking my niece YouTube channel. I took a minute to pause and think and then gave my “Unsolicited Advice”.
One thing I noticed is her YouTube channel only has 8 subscribers. After I subscribed her channel, I laid out my ideas and suggestions to her.

1.) EXPOSURE = I told her that she needs to expose her YouTube channel to all social media sites and all throughout the cyber world. Start off by introducing it first with her friends, families and relatives.

2.) NICHE = I showed Sofia my past project called “MyLungga.com”. It’s a site that sells Real Estate properties in the Philippines.
The objective is I take videos of houses (like MTV Cribs), upload it in YouTube, then expect a hoards of buyers to call you after.
I believe I was one of the first who did this but now you will see a lot of YouTubers who are doing the same thing that I did.
So again, you need to have a niche. You need to be unique, different and have a specialty on one thing.

3.) CONSISTENCY = My last advice is I think the most important part…. Constancy and Regularity.
This is where it separates the Men from the Boys or in her case the Women from the Girls. A lot of talented people were hot and famous before but unheard-of after because of this.
You need to keep up with your stories… rain or shine, good times or bad times, in sickness and in health till death you part.

Regardless, I am very proud of my niece. Not just because she is my blood but she has the Prowess and the Venturesomeness knowing and expecting that her YouTube channel will conceive a good personality out of her in the future…. 1 million subscribers or none.


Raffles the Waffles

Written on March 17, 2018