Pinoys In Canada


There are 2 countries that me and my family almost considered migrating in… Australia,
and the country that I am highlighting today… The Great White North or also known as the country of Canada! Yes, we almost did. In fact, we picked the place that we want…. in Sudbury Ontario.
3 years after, we remained here in the Philippines and the thought of migrating has turned from a concrete decisive plan to just a past reflection.
Still, we haven’t lost touch to all of our friends and families who are now living in a place full of “Skis and Snowboards”.
Toronto, Brussels, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Barrie, and even Whitehorse. I talked and communicated to each one of them and asked for advice about their place, work environment, the weather, cost of living, and even their most popular cuisine.

Canada has been the top destination for our fellow Filipinos to work and migrate in. On average, Canada received about more than 20,000 Filipino immigrants every year… making their country the 3rd most popular destination spot next to the United States and Saudi Arabia.
In just a few short decades, Canada’s Filipino community has grown from less than a thousand residents to become one of the country’s largest immigrant demographics.
At present, more than 850,000 Filipinos call Canada home, and this number is increasing rapidly.

Like me, Filipinos see that there are endless reasons why someone would want to immigrate to Canada. For obvious reasons our “Kababayan” main targets are…

1.) Successful Migration with Full Family
2.) Superior Education and Childcare system
3.) Dual Citizen Allowed
4.) Better Healthcare
5.) Lesser Corruption
6.) Low Crime Rates
7.) Clean Natural Resources
8.) Ease of Internation Travel (Strong Passport)

and most important of all…

9.) Numerous countless job opportunities for qualified and skilled immigrants.

I assumed before that these people (living in Canada) would be happy at first because of the better employment and business opportunities in the first few years, then be depressed 4-5 years after when the yearly “Brutally Cold Winters” takes in.
I was wrong!
Most of the people that I know there are not only contented but totally happy and made their new country as their permanent home.
They say that Canada is likely the only place in the world where you can crash into someone, and they will apologize to you.
They are actually the “Politest People” ever existing on earth because they are all happy folks.

These Filipino-Canadians are surprisingly still connected to our roots and our mother country.
Even with better professional careers in Canada, they are still humbled and knows to “Lumingon sa Pinanggalingan” or Look back home.
They also liked to be in touch and connected with their fellow Filipinos in the Philippines.
I know that for a fact because they do maintain communication with me and share an inspiring story or two.

Canada is considered one of the coldest countries in the whole world. They are known for its artic weather. The average monthly winter temperature can drop to -15°C even in the southern part of the country.
It really gets so cold in the winter because it is also farther north than most countries.
But for some reason, I don’t know why I continue to feel their warmth and sincerity even from a thousand miles from here.
Whatever it is, all of them deserved our gratification and admiration. After all, we all share the same blood… Dugong Filipino!
Bilib ako sa inyo mga kababayan kong Filipino naninirahan sa bansang Canada!
Para sa inyo po ito!

Written on November 16, 2018