Paksiw Before Lechon

Paksiw Before Lechon

I do it the other way around… I eat the Paksiw first then comes the Lechon! How do I do that exactly??
My Answer: “From my Friends in La Loma”

La Loma is located on the southwest area of Quezon City and before Cebu gained popularity for its Lechon, La Loma has been dubbed as the Lechon Capital of the Philippines for many years.
For those who doesn’t know what a Paksiw looks like… Lechon Paksiw (or Paksiw) is made from leftover Lechon (whole roasted pig) cooked in a homemade Lechon sauce, vinegar, and simple spices.

Normally, most people buy the Lechon first then they cook the leftover and make it into a Paksiw. My story is different… My Friends from La Loma sends me the Paksiw first then after the Lechon.
I remember the time when I went to their place in La Loma. Their Lechon store is at the corner of the main street which is pretty much a valuable and strategic location in capturing new customers. And while I was talking to the owner, I carefully observed how the Lechon (of different sizes) were lined up in front of their store.
The motorists will then park their cars and order their preferred Lechon. I was startled to see them all gone before the end of the day.

Sometimes when they have Lechon leftovers at the end of the day (which is very rare) they make the Lechon scraps as Paksiw and sell it to their customers. But even the Paksiw are like Meteorites from outer space that comes once in a blue moon.
I myself can testify to that. Their Paksiw is probably the best Paksiw that I’ve tried so far. The owner and her loyal sister, whom everybody calls “Mamita”, made this Paksiw with special ingredients.
According to them, they cooked it differently that is why it is so rich and tasty. The sauce in their Paksiw is well blended with the meat and the skin is so soft and tender.

I am so fortunate that I am just one of the few to receive gift(s) from them every year before Christmas. When I receive this Paksiw, I skip all my regular meals until the Paksiw runs out. So I have Paksiw at breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in the midst of Midnight snack. And on the following day, I repeat the routine.
I don’t mind eating (Paksiw & Lechon) more than the usual during Yuletide Season. I just make it a point to burn all those fats that I’ve gained first thing at the start of the New Year.

How did I met these kindhearted people? Simple, just by regularly being the escort of my eldest son on his weekly Aikido Saturday class. From there, I got to know almost every one of them from the owner all the way to the Yaya.
And today, I am one of the Godfather (Ninong) to the owner’s youngest grandchild named Andy.
It’s a funny story I know, but I am inevitably glad to meet them (not just the Lechon).

So my advice to all of you… Go out and meet new people. Don’t be shy or think negative about them. They are just people like you and me. Don’t let them be the first one to greet you. Make it a habit to reach out to them first. “Smiling and saying Hi” is the typical icebreakers. Then the ball will start rolling after and soon you will have your new friend(s).

Like in my story, I just smiled and said Hi… the next thing I know is I got this Paksiw in my hand!

Written on December 22, 2017