No To French Toast

French Toast

A lot of guys thinks that girls are a “Piece of Snack”! To them Girls are like Food that they want to eat and devour whenever they are hungry. And they don’t care regardless of their marital status. Whether they are single, divorced, widowed and even worse…. married.
Girls are not Sex Toys or Snack that you can play with. They are human beings with feelings and unique personalities like you and me.

A year ago, I met a pretty girl from France. Let’s just call her Michelle (not her real name). I choose not to declare her real name so that guys won’t be bugging her and asking her social media accounts.
She went here in the Philippines to explore the wonderful beaches and the sublime nature that goes along with it.
Michelle is now in Chile continuing her studies but said that she wants to go back to the Philippines to travel to the other islands she hasn’t been to and hopefully start a small business venture a long the way.

Me and Michelle became close and always chat through our social media channels. She showed me pictures of her passion for traveling. She has been to most of European countries.
She told me her numerous insane stories like in riding the Crazy Train in Sri Lanka, Teaching the young kids in Senegal, Playing with the Penguins in Cape Town, Did the outreach project in Indonesia, Surfing in the Philippines, Driving a Boat in the coast of Australia, and much much more.
And mind you…. she is only 24 years old and is still a student.

She is a interesting girl! So much passion, so much vitality and eagerness to know more of things outside of her comfort zone, and I see so much adventure in her.

The crazy thing is… some of my Filipino “So called friends” were teasing me that I should be targeting her as a Snack. They want me to try a different International cuisine like a “Croissant” or the “Soupe à l’oignon”.
I answered back and said…. “Sorry boys, but there is no way you can get me out of my Favorite Adobo”!
They stop bothering me since then.

WTF are they trying to do? Didn’t they know I am happily married? Are they aware that not all guys are Desperate Dogs? Do they know that girls are not snacks but more of a vintage wine that you want to keep forever?

That is the reason why women doesn’t want to hangout with men anymore. Women think of dinner as a friendly date while Men thinks of what room to get after dinner.

Guys, please pay attentively… Girls are not Snacks or Sex Toys. They, in fact, can be your friend… a good & loyal friend.
Try doing that for a change. No sex, No malice, just plain talking companion who can teach you a lot of quality stuff like learning the violin or maybe urban gardening… you’ll never know what good will come out of it.

For me, I have to pass on the French Toast! The girl from France is a good friend of mine….. Period!
My wife knows her and my kids are all excited to see her again. And we all know that Michelle is enthusiastic to see us as well.

À bientôt!

Written on January 19, 2018