My Tagaytay Weekend


What is your weekend look like? Stay in Manila or Head out to Tagaytay?
Tagaytay is considered to be the “Second Summer capital of the Philippines” with the first being Baguio due to its cool climate thus is a favored destination from those relatively more humid areas of the Philippines.
With an average elevation of 2,000 feet, the popular place has become probably the most visited area on the weekend.

Most urban dwellers visit the city as a reason for escape on their everyday busy life. They drove to Tagaytay normally to dine and unwind. It’s a perfect getaway!

Me, on the other hand, wants to shake things a little. Dining is fine but sooner or later you will run out of restaurants to go to. Believe me, I’ve been passing through Tagaytay for most part of my life and I’ve been to several places… and dining out becomes from exciting to boring.

So I did the “Unthinkable”! I searched, asked, and looked for relatives, friends, even enemies who are living in Tagaytay.
Most of this property owners wouldn’t mind me coming over to their place. In truth, they might even be pleased that you paid them a visit.
Another good thing is you don’t need to rush when you eat out since the owner of the house is somebody that you know of. In other words, you can stay as long as you want.

One of my first visit is my Tito Ray. He is the 1st cousin of my Mom. They were able to purchase a lot in Tagaytay and constructed a cute but well organized bungalow house. It is like 2 container van in the property but it is made out of concrete.
The 2 container van house are formed like an “L” shape. The 1st house consist of 2 bedrooms with a big Lanai in front. This is perfect for guests coming over where they can chat and eat all day and all night long.

The 2nd house is mostly for cooking but it can also be converted as a guest room. But when guests do a “Sleepover”. They can just lie and sleep on the Lanai and enjoy Tagaytay’s cool weather.
There is also a small garden for Frisbee and outdoor games.
When there is no guests, the garden is used for parking area.

I normally visit this place whenever I travel alone to my province in Balayan Batangas. I go to Tito Ray’s house as a Pit Stop…. or should I say like a “Refueling Stop”!
I also asked some advice from my uncle and get some pointers before fleeing to Batangas. It makes traveling much easier and more exciting.

Tito Ray is just one of the many friends and relatives that I can go and visit in Tagaytay. There are a bunch of them waiting to be visited.
The thing is… a lot of people living in Manila do have friends and relatives that they can visit during the weekend. They can also make that change. You too can do that too….
So now, I encourage you to try this unique method or at least even consider doing it.

It makes your Tagaytay weekend more rewarding and fulfilling. In fact, it could be your “Regular Weekend Routine” whenever you climb up to Tagaytay City.

Written on April 20, 2018