My Retirement, My Bukidnon


If I were to choose on what place should I retire… the first thing that comes to my mind is “Bukidnon”!
Although there are other great places to choose from, my province included (Batangas),
I don’t why I keep on coming back on it. There must be something majestic about Bukidnon.

I’ll start off first with some facts.
Bukidnon is located in the northern part of the Philippines (Mindanao). The province is considered to be the food basket of the region (pineapples, bananas, and a lot of green veggies). It is famous for its mountains and fertile land.
There where you can find the 2nd highest mountain in the country. Mount Dulang-dulang has an elevation of close to 10,000 feet.
Bukidnon is known also as the watershed of Mindanao with 6 major river and beautiful waterfalls that can be found.

So why Bukidnon? Here are my reasons…

1.) ALTITUDE = The province’s average elevation is 3,000 feet (almost as close as Baguio). The climate in Bukidnon is year-round cool and pleasant making one of the ideal retirement places for you to drink your organic coffee at your wooden balcony and take your morning run beside those immense mountains.

2.) FOOD BASKET = Just imagine yourself passing by the sprawling pineapple field as you venture deeper into the inland.
Harvest season is customary and you could see the morning dew as the smell of sweet pineapple filled the air. You can have your favorite organic leafy greens and fruits all planted in your land.
No need to buy tomato, sweet pepper, broccoli, celery, carrots, and white potato. Everything can be handpicked in your fertile land.

3.) OPEN LANDSCAPE = Baguio is nice and so are the places with beautiful beaches. But those places are now crowded with settlers where most of them pollute the surroundings. Not to mention, the multiple housing structures which damage the main beauty of it.
Bukidnon is not like that. The place is blessed with wide and open landscapes.
Everything you see there is “Green”. And there are so many outdoor activities that you can do for you and your family.
If I get to live there, my ideal habitual activity will be to take my horse for an afternoon ride and just explore the green valleys and lush lands.
Just me and the horse reuniting with nature.

4.) STORM FREE PROPERTY = The province is outside the typhoon belt. It is also surrounded by huge and tall mountains that will protect you from strong winds.
Since it is a landlocked province, there is no need to worry about tsunamis either.

5.) HAVEN FOR ANIMAL LOVERS = I have friends who are exactly from Bukidnon. And according to them, if you have a land there, it will be perfect for your animals (both farm and pets).
Love cheese? Stack up your cows and start milking.
You want “Tapang Usa”? Get the best breed of deer.
Do you want a “Bukidnon Woodcock”? Not familiar with it? Just Google it and you might see a few of them in your land.

Now, everything depends on where my children will work and live in the future.
I always want to be with them and probably get a place nearby to spend quality time with them.
But if they choose to stay put in the Philippines.
I suggest that they can move to Cagayan de Oro with improved infrastructure and fast internet. After all, CDO is only a few hours drive away.
But for me and my wife. We love to stay in this serene place.
My Retirement, My Bukidnon!

Written on February 8, 2019