My Purpose

Francis and Nia

What is my Purpose in Life?

We all do have an Aspiration or Goal in life. From drinking Milk from our mother’s mammary glands until we reach the Rocking Chair age.
We may have different routes and plans but is all pretty much the same…

Play when you’re a kid, Go to School, Play some more, Get a Job (Business), Be in Love, Get Married, Have Kids, Make your Kids finish School, Retire and Play with your Grandchildren, Then go Back to your Creator.

Some may never get married or have kids, Some prefer to Travel, Some are Workaholic, and some thinks they are still a Kid that never gets Old.
But our common purpose are all the same.

I too have that same purpose. I enjoyed my Youth, Received quality Education, Had several successful and not so successful Businesses (Jobs too), Married the Love of my Life, Rewarded with 2 Handsome Boys, Travelled to different places, and Help People along the way.
And when the time comes when I go back to my creator, I can say that I did my Purpose in Life…. Or did I???

Did I really did my Purpose? I feel that there is something more.. something to share to the world. Each one of us has a Gift.
God gave me a gift being good in “Personal Relationships”.
Some say it’s a little bit intrusive but for me it is my way of helping and enlightening people with problems and insecurities to live a more Happy Life.
I may not be Perfect and still lack a lot of things but I am more than contented in life.
I want others to feel the same way.

That is why I created Friendillion… To gain more friends, To meet interesting individuals and Learn from them, To maintain my Old friends, To add more adventures, and add more Spice in my life.

Hopefully, this project will influence other people to live a Better Life by not closing their doors but rather open their gates to more friends, more blessings, more adventures and spice in their lives and help them be a more Happy Person.

So in Conclusion, Friendillion is one of my Big Purpose in Life. To gain 1 million new friends and enjoy the true meaning of life along the way.
I hope that as I embark this journey, you will be joining me in my Friends Circle and together we will discover our Real Purpose.

Francis Isberto

Written on November 11, 2017