My Inaanak Lists


Do you have a recollection of all your Inaanak (Godchild)?
Do you know their whereabouts? Are you still in touch with them?
When was the last time you gave them gifts?

I often asked that question to myself whenever I see one of them on social media.
In fact, some of them are in limbo. It’s been so long, that I forgot that I am their “Ninong” or Godfather.
Not all of them are my friends on social media. My Godchildren are the ones that remind me and make me remember.
It’s an embarrassing feeling.

That is why today, I got some of their names on Facebook and checked each one of them on how they are doing.
Some of them are now working & earning and have a family of their own.
Back in the day, I made sure that I give Spider-Man action toys for the boys. And Barbie dolls for the girls.
Time flies so fast that I realized that I am getting old when some of these kids are now as big and tall as me.

I have to admit, not all of them I was not able to be a good Godfather to them.
No gifts, no birthday greetings, and not even a phone call.
I know that I should forgive myself for it…. after all, I am just a back-up to their parents.

If my “Abandoned Inaanak” saw me today and doesn’t notice me anymore… I will totally understand.
It’s all my fault and the blame is all on me.
But to my surprise, they still recognize and honor me as their Ninong. The respect is still there. Maybe I am just lucky or maybe it’s their parents good upbringing, but whatever it is… I will take it.

So while I am writing this article, I am simultaneously looking at their Facebook profiles.
All of them turned out to be handsome and pretty young adults.
They all followed their dreams and use their God-given talents perfectly.

My goal for this year is to maybe go and invite them for a cup of coffee or go out for dinner and get to know them more.
They are all interesting individuals. Each one unique and living their life how they wanted it to be.

And while I am still at it… I like to take this opportunity to send a shout-out message to all of my Inaanak.

“I am so sorry for not being there for you! If I can turn back the clock, I will do so and spend more time with you.

But hopefully, we can see each other and talk in person. I would really love that.

And for those who are still not my friend on Facebook… please Friend request me.
Or reach me here in Friendillion.

Bear in mind, that I am your secondary Father… next to your biological one. There is a link between us.

But this time, no more dolls or action toys, please. Watching a movie together would be nice.”

So that is my list of my Inaanak. I’m proud of each and every one of them.

You should too. It’s our responsibility as Godparents to check them out from time to time.

We may not be as great as Oskar Schindler who saved more than 1,000 jews during the Holocaust…. but we can give a small contribution to our small group of Inaanak.
Our mere presence will be significant for them.

Our Inaanak are genuinely precious gemstones. After all, they are also our children.

Written on February 23, 2019