My First Running Partner


In my past article, I mentioned that I want to get a dog as my running partner. Although it looks like a fine idea, the problem is I don’t have the space in my place to keep a running dog.
There’s this option to get a Jack Russell Terrier that suits well in a condominium setting but I’m not sure if I am ready for that yet.

So instead of getting a dog…. why not just “Borrow a Dog”. You have to agree that it is a better idea. You get to run the dog that you don’t own plus you don’t have to feed and take care of it since it is not your dog.
And I’m pretty sure that the owner of that dog would be happy to have their pet get some outdoor exercise with me.

So I went to my cousin Nico. I knew back then that he has a Labrador Retriever pup. That breed is built for hunting and retrieving wild ducks. Perfect as my running partner. What could go wrong?

To my surprise, the Labrador Retriever is not the puppy that I used to know before. He grew and grew big mightily. He is so stocky and got the jaws and head bone structure of a fierce dog… just like a Rottweiler and a Pitbull.

Plus he doesn’t go out very often since my cousin is busy attending to his business. In short, that Dog is now a Beast. A beast that is hard to contain.

My first walk with Ash (the Labrador who turned into a beast) was a nightmare. He is so aggressive, doesn’t follow basic commands, and pulls you everywhere he wants to go.
My first walk with him was a disaster. I got body ache from my shoulder, legs and my wrist. I was thinking of giving up on him.

But as days past, our walk improved a little better. First we just walk in just one same street. Then, we went out further and further and further.
To my surprise, Ash started to follow my commands like heel, stop and No!
Basic commands that will help human beings (like me) to make the walk more compelling.
Sure, Ash still gets overly aggressive towards other dogs, but as long as he hears me says No! He begins to concede and divert his attention to me and our walk.

Me and Ash walk at least 2 to 3 times a week. And as the week goes by, our relationship goes deeper and stronger. That dog is not just my walking partner anymore…. he slowly becoming to be my friend.
When I come ringing the doorbell, Ash excitedly barks louder, jumps continuously like there is no tomorrow, and pulling his leash telling everybody to get him out instantly. I was overwhelmed to see him so excited to see me.

In the few weeks that we been walking, we encountered some extraordinary moments. Like when Ash makes urinal marks on every street humps. He is the only dog that I know that does that.
Another one is Ash begs for water to drink to maids who were watering the plants in their employers garden.
Ash became popular to the maids that whenever they see Ash they happily lower down their water hose for Ash to drink to.

The dog is also making me upbeat and happy. I get to relax and be calm by walking him. Sometimes we just chill at the park and just bond to each other. It’s a wonderful feeling! The Stranger and the Beast looking eye to eye.
Today, as of this writing, we are starting to Run a little. We are slowly creeping in to be Running Partners. But more than that…. we become good fellows.

I hope what we’re doing (Ash and I) rubs off to other people to take out their dogs for a run or a walk. Dogs need exercise and attention and we human beings need therapy from them.

My cousin Nico and his family are blessed to have a nice dog like Ash. That Labrador has touch their hearts in a lot of ways.
I know that for a fact because it has certainly touch mine!

Written on March 20, 2018