My Dead Sister's Bestfriend


My Dead Sister has been gone for more than 6 months but it feels like it is still fresh just like yesterday. I just couldn’t believe that my baby sister was taken away from us.
During the wake, I had the time to observed all the people who gave their respect to my sister. From my sister’s relatives, close friends, classmates, workmates…. each and every one of them, I examined carefully and studied their behavior.

One thing that really caught my eye is this lady from Antipolo. Her name is Rose and classmate of my deceased sister (Roberta) in St. Paul University Q.C. Rose was there with my sister from the time Roberta was rushed to the hospital, the entire duration of my sister’s wake, the 9th and 40th day and even up to today.
Rose was there for my sister even before Roberta got sick. Which we believed makes her the “Official Bestfriend”!

Roberta was born as the sweetest person in our family. I really don’t know why, but I think she is the youngest and everybody protected her like some kind of a antique dinnerware.
Our mother spoiled her rotten and gave everything she could ask for. Her 3 Kuyas (me included) are the last line of defense. Courting visits in the house are hard to come by when we reigned supreme in the front gate.
My sister had Bestfriends during her time in CSA (Colegio de San Agustin). We come to know them and even became close to her group.
But when my Mom died 7 years ago. Roberta’s group of friends became untraceable and grew by the numbers. She got friends from the city, from the province, and almost everywhere that it was so hard to keep track off.

One of them was Rose. At that time I taught Rose was a bad influence to my sister. Primarily known as the Strict and Unforgiving Kuya, I told Roberta to stay away from Rose.
But as days passed, I come to know the person whom my sister officially tagged as her best friend.
During my sister’s “Darkest Days”, Rose was there to lift my sister’s emotion. Rose was basically available 24/7 for my sister. Rose was emotionally supportive and always have her back in time of need.

Rose is a type of friend that didn’t make my sister’s problem disappear, but is the type of friend who didn’t disappear…. at all!
They traveled together, spent multiple sleep-over together and drank, cooked and laughed together.

Rose is not the showy type and brag her “Bestfriend Tag” during the wake of Roberta. She just stayed behind the limelight and let other people visit my sister’s remains. And when she is all alone with my sister, that is the time she makes her grief and sit down beside my sister. And when Rose is crying, that is the time that it hurt me the most. To see her crying was really intense! I felt her pain! Her lost!
But she kept quiet. She kept her distance. And cried when nobody was watching.

It’s hard to continue life without “The Sweetest Person in the Planet”. My sister was my number fan whenever I create a project online. Roberta and I always communicate through Social Media and through her I got the courage to say “I Love You” to the people that I love.
And now that she is gone, I have nobody to share my ideas with. I won’t get inspiring songs from her beautiful and charming voice. It created a Black Hole that will forever remain with me.

But as the saying goes, life must go on. Rose is my inspiration nowadays whenever I want to remember my dead sister. I checked Rose’s news feed regularly and imagined that my sister is there with her in all of her post.
Like that time when Rose hiked the Atburan Rockies in Gen. Nakar, Quezon. I fabricated a story in my mind that Roberta was with her. Rigorously laughing together, drinking tequila or vodka while strumming the guitar and singing their favorite tunes.

Through Rose actions, I feel my sister being alive again. Like the action and adventures never even stopped.

To my Dead Sister Roberta… I like to take this opportunity to say “I Love You”. I miss you! Your voice, your messages, and your cheeky bone smile!
Thanks for being there for me. You will still continue to inspire me and I’ll make sure to use my God given talent to the fullest.

To the Official Bestfriend Rose… If ever you are reading this. In behalf of my family, we like to give our utmost gratitude for being there for my sister.
Please continue what you are doing. The wackiness, the drunkenness, and all the crazy things that you and Roberta had been doing when she was still alive.

For sure, that will make Roberta smile and will enthusiastically say to you… Loka loka ka!

Written on July 6, 2018