Me, My Dad, and Valle Verde Country Club


Everyone had idolized their parents at some point in their life. Growing up beside them all of these years has certainly had that influential effect.
I’m mindful that everyone has different relationships with their parents. Mine just happens to be my Father who I look up to and aspire to be.

During my pre-puberty years, all I did was imitate what he did.
From shaving properly, to dressing up presentably, and being so organized on each and every field that I know of.
Everything that he did, I was always there to follow and act like him.

The point at issue is, I don’t get to see my Dad very often.
His work demands him more time away from his family.
He travels regularly mostly through South East Asia. And I don’t get to see him that often. And by the time my Dad gets home, he will only stay for one day or two then off he goes again to the airport for his next assignment.

It’s hard for a kid to see his idol go, especially if I am the only one staying at home.
My father and mother separated when I was a year old. So it was just me and our helper who roams around the house.
Not that I am complaining. We did pretty okay.
I grew up being a well-rounded person in my Dad’s neighborhood.

My father is a hard-working man. Some people say that he is a “Workaholic”.
He is a good provider. Sent me to a good school and equipped me with everything that I need. My weekly allowance was more than enough that I was able to save some money for things that kids of my age can’t buy on their own.

So in summary, I basically grew up not having enough quality time to bond with my Father.

Good thing that there was Valle Verde Country Club.
Valle Verde Country Club (or VVCC) is a prestigious proprietary membership club that provides sports, recreational, and dining services to members and guests.
Me and my Dad use the swimming pool often and do multiple laps. And then after, we go relax and chill at their cozy restaurant and have a few beers.
It is our sanctuary where we find a definitive reason not just to exercise but to catch up on things.

My father is efficient at “Killing two birds with one stone”.
Whenever we have night camping in our school at La Salle Greenhills. All of my classmate’s Father goes to our campus by car. It’s only my Daddy who jogs his way there from home.
I have to say, I was impressed with my Dad on being so thoughtful about visiting me and being physically fit at the same time.
He is really my real-life Super Hero.

Several years after, for some reason I can’t explain, me and my Dad drifted apart.
He is semi-retired now, but it’s funny that when you think that you know that you can spend more time with your father is that when you don’t get to see him often.
It’s weird I know.
I mean our place to his home is only 13 kilometers away but it seems so far far away.
It’s depressing I know, but I don’t know what really happened.
Both of us tried but still, we can’t overcome our distance away from each other. Like there is a big wall that separates the two us.

The sad part is even my kids (Luigi and Lorenzo) also don’t get to see their Grandfather that often. They also see him during parties and family gatherings.
I was hopeless. To the point of almost giving up.
I’m prepared to raise the white flag and declare that at least we had a good run in the past. But no, something must be done.
There must be some way where me and my kids reconnect again with the person who I admire immensely.

I had to rely again on the only thing that connected us before.
I have to call the services of the exclusive club in Pasig City.
I need to open the door of the old but reliable Valle Verde Country Club.

You know what? It worked!
The 4 of us reconnected. Me, my 2 boys, and my Father swam rigorously and exhilaratingly in the pool. Then we had quality dinner afterwards.
It was bliss!

All of us enjoyed our company together.
In that place, we found our sanctuary. There is no one to disturb us. There is no reason to hurry.
We slowed down the time and just bonded.

When you love somebody so dearly, you have to do everything to make something happen.
I’m overjoyed that there is Valle Verde Country Club at our disposal.
It is our shrine, our temple, and our place to just be together.

So to all of you out there. Don’t give up on love just yet.
In fact, you should fight for it.
Find a way to reconnect and get them together with you again.
By hook or by crook, you have to dig up deeper and look for something that will pave magic to your dying relationship.

I found mine. Valle Verde Country Club gave me something that I almost lost.
The man that I idolize the most… my Father!

Written on November 28, 2019