Magic Garden

Magic Garden

Each one of us should have a personal sanctuary. A shrine to take away all your stress. A place for you to unwind and ponder on about your well being. Most people assume that to achieve this you need to book a flight to fascinating places like Paro Taktsang monastery in Bhutan, the Wulingyuan Scenic Area in China, or the dreamlike island in French Polynesia.

But no, you don’t need to go out of your home to obtain this. All you need is a little space of your home, a little bit of creativity and Presto… you got yourself your very own sanctuary.

My Tito Mon and Tita Ester did exactly that in their backyard several years ago. They were lucky that their land have trees to provide shade from the heat of the sun and protection from the sprinkles of rain during the rainy season. The couple started first with a small Kubo House (Nipa Hut), a swing, and a sandbox for their grandchildren. They also built a cute private room in their backyard so that the couple doesn’t have to go up the 2nd floor and to have that room as a playing/resting area for all the relatives whenever we have family gatherings

But due to insistent public demand, and to the request of their loyal and frequent visitors. My uncle and aunt noticed that they need more space for their guests to dine in. So they bought the adjoining piece of land to add more space for their immediate family and to their incessant and unrelenting guests.

So Tito Mon and Tita Ester built a second Kubo House (different one and playing area for the kids), a basketball court, more trees and plants, a long dining area, and a what I call the “Great Wall of Fame” where they hang the pictures of my Grandparents, their children and their better half, their grandchildren and spouses, and their great grandchildren and soon to be their grooms or brides.

What I find really fascinating is the Birdhouse. It’s a home and shelter for bird species in the Philippines. When I’m there, I make it point to look and peek inside at the birdhouse and check if there is a live one inside. I won’t be surprise if the owners of the “Magic Garden” add more birdhouses which I think is a good idea most especially when those birds are tweeting and singing in the morning.

Believe me, everybody can have or create their own version of their sanctuary. I myself don’t have the space but I call my balcony in my condo unit as my sanctuary. I always go out there in the morning, take my coffee, play with my spoiled Siamese Cat, look at the view of the small trees and our swimming pool before I take my regular morning swim. And in the afternoon, sometimes I still go out in my balcony to watch the sun set and when I’m lucky, I do see some Maya birds in my balcony jumping happily and eating the leftovers of my cat.

You too can have your very own sanctuary. It can be your backyard or your front-yard. It can be the vacant lot that you can rent from the land owner who has no intention of using it. You can purchase a small piece of land in the province. That too can be your sanctuary.
It doesn’t have to be something you own. I go to my province in Batangas and regularly go to the nearest beach. I go there usually in the morning, swim and check the fishes and corals, then go back home. I don’t own the land but I still considered it as my extension of my sanctuary (for a very small entrance fee).

Stress can affect your body, your thoughts & feelings, as well as your behavior. To bad I might add that when you leave your Stress unchecked, it can contribute to many health problems.
Having a sanctuary and consistency will certainly eases that. It will give you peace and serenity. Quietude… where you can take away all the negative aspects in you. It doesn’t cost you big deal of money. There is no gasoline, plane rides, expensive hotels and pesky locals selling “not so important stuff” to you.
You just wake up in the morning and head directly to your sacred place and say “This is Life”!

It can just be you or you can spend it together with your special someone, your kids, your dog, your boss, your mountaineering group, or anybody that you can think of.
It will be a place to remember and wondered at. All you gotta do is Believe in Magic!

Written on December 29, 2017