Lola Before, Friends After


When you have a Lola or a Lolo (Grandparents), most likely you will get spoiled. That is the plain nature of it. They will give you candies, chocolates, toys & dolls, and anything you ask for. 🍬🍫
They will bring you to this place and that place. They will be proud to show you off to their friends, neighbors and colleagues.
They will do anything for you because you are their treasured “Apo”!

I am saying all of these because I am like one of them… those “Treasured Apo”!
My Lola is always with me all the time. She prepares my breakfast before riding the school bus. And then she meets meet in afternoon with my favorite sandwiches.
My Lola is very alert and sharp on the things that I want. Because I was a quiet and shy boy at that time… my Lola took it upon herself to sew me a “Superman Costume” for my Teddy Bear.
She is always a “Mind Reader” and have a knack on what’s on your mind that you don’t need to say anything at all. I love it so much that I had that Teddy Bear up to my teenage years (I got rid of it since my friends were teasing me). 🐻

Even up to my teenage years, My Lola was always there for me.
My Dad and I left her place in Parañaque and moved to Pasig. But my Lola (and Lolo) still managed to see me often since my Dad’s work require to travel overseas.
I’m a Big Boy and I’m supposed to live on my own house alone right?…. WRONG!
My Lola still took care of me and watch me playing the basketball league if she needed it to be.

Then I grew older, got married, and moved back to her place. At that time I was 30 something with my two boys… Luigi & Lorenzo.
My relationship with my Lola somewhat changed since she now diverted her attention to my kids. I can see from a distance how my Lola took care of me when I was little… exactly what she is doing to my children.

Those candies, chocolates and toys were replaced with advises, mentoring and explaining the hard-knock life.
My Lola has now become my friend. She taught me that family always comes firsts. That I should treat my wife just like how my Lolo treated her… like a Queen! 👑
That I should put God in the center of my life regardless of my profession, status, and belief.

I was surprised to see how many people that she helped and accepted in her house.
She helped her immediate family, her long distant relatives, the helpers, the gardeners, the drivers, even my Pug Dorian (whom she spoiled with Bulalo bones and Bear Brand Milk). 🍼

My Lola is my loyal friend and my most trusted adviser.

Today is her 96th birthday! The lady who has the most kindest of hearts!

I Love you Lola!

Written on March 6, 2018