Living Off The Grid



How many properties do you have?
1, 2, 18, or 76?
Some of you don’t have even one. Some of you might be renting your whole lifetime.
There’s nothing to be ashamed with that, properties are ridiculously expensive in the city, most especially in Manila.

When there is not much Lateral Property left in Metro Manila, end-users and the working middle class have not enough option but to go for Vertical Properties.
And besides, would anyone choose to acquire (or afford for that matter) a property in a posh village such as Forbes Park, Ayala Alabang Village, Corinthian Garden, etc. and used all of their net worth in a 300 to 500 square meter piece of land?
The amount that you will be investing in would be 120 to 200 million pesos.
If you are Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who has lots of money at their disposal then that’s fine, but to most of us, we would rather invest our hard-earned money on multiple income streams.

Make no mistake, owning a property is considered to be one of the most secure investment you could ever make.
It offers you a secure income stream and capital growth. But I prefer that when you used your property, it will be part of your semi-investment plan and not you handling it as an end-user, in that way you will have more extra cash flow to routinely invest in other investment vehicles.

Buying an expensive property in Manila is not the end of it.
You have to build the dream house that you want (which is also steep). Then buy the fancy furnitures and appliances to go with the beautiful house of yours.
There’s also upkeep, maintenance, and renovation. Not to mention property taxes.
All of those can limit your freedom and flexibility.

My suggestion is this, buy a small property that is within your budget for you and your family. A property that suits your needs.
A condo unit is also an option for the reason that it is cheaper and you can lock your door and not worry about intruders when you go on vacation.
Upkeep and maintenance are relatively cheaper. No need for a maid, gardener, and roof repainter.

And by doing that you have more extra money to invest in other things… one of which is buying cheap property in your province.

It may not be “Uso” or Trending yet here in the Philippines, but “Living Off The Grid” has become popular in Western countries.
These people look for cheap and idle properties on the outskirts. Then they build their own dream vacation house with a lot of space left to consume.
Did you hear what I’m saying?… Space, lots of it.
We can never have that in the city.

In the province, you have space to buy your own Equestrian Horse for your daughter to ride on the whole afternoon. Or your son can do Motorcross Bike riding in that same property.
You and your spouse can now do your Organic Farm from the cheap property to you acquired.

You can set Solar Panels for a cheaper and more reliable electricity source.
You can chop woods from your trees on your premises and have night bonfire with your loved ones along with your favorite steak, cheese, and wine.
Or set some Hammock on some of your fruit-bearing trees and go Moon Sightseeing while playing the guitar.
You can have unlimited pets and farm animals to your liking. Whether you want to breed Dogs or Cats, have your own Rabbitry, a Lovebird sanctuary, or even a lagoon for your Koi Fishes where your friends and visitors can swim in it.

That all are possible because you have extra space. It will be your sanctuary for life.

Just make sure that the property that you will buy won’t be that far away from your city that you are working in.
If you are living in Manila, look for properties near it such as upland Cavite (where the weather is more colder), Batangas and Laguna.
Or you can go up north and invest in up-and-coming provinces such as Tarlac, Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Aurora, Pangasinan, and the most visited Benguet province.
Believe me, there are lots of cheap properties out there. All you have to do is look.

So would you invest in one expensive property or…
Would you rather maintain one small one in the city, invest your extra cash flow in semi-passive income streams, and get that Off The Grid Dream property that will immeasurably benefit you and your family.

Get the property, and “Live Off The Grid”.
You’ll be hearing only the sounds of nature. You have more control over how you spend your days.
You get the privacy to simply enjoy the simplest things in life.
There’s a very powerful attraction to the idea of abandoning the shackles and expectations of modern living and returning to a more natural state of living.

To summarize, just think about this… “Breath of Fresh Air”.
It’s a thing that we are deprived of and longing for it for so many years.

Written on November 17, 2019