Let The Children's Laughter


“Why hanging out with Kids will make your Life more Happier”

Whether you have kids of your own or not, you have to agree that kids are probably the most beautiful creatures ever made in this world.
Just looking at their cute faces is enough to make your heart melt. Their smile and laughter can brighten any dark and gloomy kingdom.
And most important of all, they are full of energy and positivity in life.

Through the course of my entire life, I managed to encounter a lot of kids from different walks of life.
They were not mine, but I don’t mind because we share a common bond and enthusiasm with endless play and adventures. These kids eventually have now all grown up and matured. They have their own life now as we speak. But that’s all fine with me because I will forever cherish the time that we had when they were little.
It’s a pleasant feeling that both parties benefited from each other. Learning from these juveniles gave me a brighter outlook on life.
While I (in return) was able to teach these kids some good pointers about growing up the right way.

Do I miss them, of course! But that’s how the way life goes. A circle of life that goes round and round from one generation to the next.
The good thing is this… there’s always a new batch to look forward to. And the good news is that we are living in the right country that is super excellent in producing these kids… like loads and loads of them.

The Philippines is just about close to the top 10 most populous country in the whole world. With a population of close to 110 million, our nation is inherently generating 1 baby every 15 seconds.
Just look around you. You will see a child or two in your location. Whether they are your child, your grandchild, niece & nephew, your neighbor’s, and even your house helper’s. They are basically everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hang out with adults. The citizens of my generation. I also chill with the old ones. I basically exempt no one. I talk and bond with different race and ages. But the most favorite of mine are the children.
Not only they are so adorable, but they teach me one remarkable quote that I want to apply to my everyday life…
“The World’s a Playground. You know that when you are a Kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it”!

Just observe at what kids do every day. They only have only one full-time occupation… and it’s called “Play”!
They don’t think about work, politics, time management, mortgage, and most of the adult’s boring stuff.
They don’t have any kind of stress and anxiety. They treat life like it supposed to be… fun and filled with joyous adventures.

Whenever I’m with these kids (like these two on the picture), we never ran out of ideas of fun things to do together.
We play mud in the sand. Play hide and seek. Name all the lizards on the roofs and ceilings. Create our very own personal paper kites. Save a kitten and bring it home. Eat all the sweet candies that we can find. Any many many more.
Just like in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, we create our own world. We make our own rules and we lived in the moment.
We never think of the past and we don’t have to worry about the future.

You see, kids are filled with positive energy. They possess unique energy or what the Chinese commonly call as “Chi”.
Their strong universal life force energy is so intense that no amount of negative power can penetrate their physical state.

Most adults have unbalanced “Chi” that cause their emotions to become agitated, distressed and erratic. That eventually leads to sickness, deterioration and rapid aging.

When you hang out with kids, their positive energy will rub off on you which can, in some way, help you have a better positive lifestyle.

There is an old saying “Masarap maging bata” (It’s nice to be young). That quote is entirely true.
When you are a kid, your days are always filled with smiles. And when you get older, it will be replaced with grimaces and frowns.

I’ve been hanging out with kids since the beginning of time. Even before I have kids of my own, I was bonding with all of them from different places, family background, and gender. They are all “Genuine Gems” to me.

I suggest you try it too. Just hang out with these kids.
You’ll notice that you will be smiling more often. Your once negative energy will be replaced with a new and rejuvenated positive energy.

Don’t mind those people that will say you are “Isip Bata”.
Better that, than them being “Mukhang Matanda” from all the stress, jealousness, and bitterness that they gained through all of their miserable years.

I’m am now 44 years of age. But I feel like I’m 34 whenever I’m with these kids.
Subtract another 10 years when we do play on the street like “Agawan Base”, “Langit Lupa”, “Piko”, “Patintero”, “Luksong Tinik”, and “Tumbang Preso”.
Somehow, I feel that I still have reliable tread in my tires.

Our World is our Playground. Our creator made it that way. We adults should maintain it that way every day.
Let the children’s laughter… it will remind us how we used to be.
Be a kid at heart. Your life will be much much more happier if you have that positive feeling.

Written on June 1, 2019