Let's Ride

Let's Ride

My weekends are compose of morning swims and Internet browsing only. And when I go to my Facebook, I see some of my friends riding their big bike to a place that I’ve never seen before.
And then I go like… hhhmmm, I wish I could do that. But that weekend passed and another one went by and still I see them riding their bikes.
This time, I was thinking… maybe I should get one.

At first I thought that these friends of mine like (Carlos, Raymond, Raul, And Tito) are just out to “Show-Off” their new motorcycle. And when I do check out the prices of these precious bikes I go nuts and back off immediately. There’s no way I will buy those damn motorcycles. They are way to expensive and I could use the money for more important things.

But lately, I start to realize, that these friends of mine are not showing off their bikes to make us feel envious. They are teaching each one of us (especially the boys) what we are missing out. That life has so much to offer aside from the normal weekend routine.

I also learned that the price of the bike is not really about “Acquiring the Vehicle but rather Gaining New Adventures”. Adventures that you can only experience through “Riding That Damn Motorcycle”.

The thrill of being at one with a two-wheeled machine that weighs only a few hundred pounds is one of the purest ways to get from point A to B.

If you don’t have a New Year’s resolution yet, I suggest that you make this year in which you finally get a motorcycle. Here are some of the reasons why you should get one…

1.) You’ll Find Your Zen = We live in a jittery world; there are so many demands for our attention. If you are a person in a relationship with kids, a family, a job and ambitions, it may at times feel that everything you do is at the service of someone or something else; that every action you take is directed by something external.

On a motorcycle, it’s just your little head inside that helmet. You are in control of you, totally and completely. You feel the immediacy of your actions and decisions. The zen state pushes away anxiety about deadlines and bills to pay, and whether that girl at Starbucks was flirting when she told you to have a nice day.

2.) You Meet the Nicest People = You’ll be greeted by waves or nods or extended feet when you pass other riders. Motorcycling induces a small town friendliness among its participants, no matter where they are in the country. Showing up somewhere on a bike means people will go out of their way to talk to you, and to share wonderful stories.

3.) Connection to the World Around You = Our cars are so climate controlled and infotainment loaded that the experience of driving somewhere is almost indistinguishable from the experience of watching the same drive unfold on a television screen. In the modern world we spend a shocking amount of time blocking that world out.

On a motorcycle you climb out of the “cave” of Plato’s famous allegory. You’re no longer looking at shadows, but seeing the true objects of the world, experiencing them with all your senses. Admittedly, this isn’t always fantastic (when you’re riding through a storm or behind a pungent cattle truck, for example), but soon you find you’re willing to tolerate the occasional negative for the sake of being able to fully experience the positives.

So what will my new weekends be like?

I always ask that same question over and over again. Would it be better to “Be Safe, But Die of Boredom”?
Living life means accepting risk. But most people spend their day pretending that there’s zero chance they will die that day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m considering getting a traveling machine that will lead me to new adventures. Maybe getting a 2nd hand scooter would be more suitable for me.

If you are also living in a cave for so long (like me). Let’s hook up, get a bike and together… Let’s Ride!

Written on February 7, 2018