Let's Flee When We're Free


Community Quarantine, Enhanced Community Quarantine, or Total Lockdown?
Does it really matter? It’s all still the same.
The bottom line is we are deprived. Deprived of our freedom. Deprived of our rights. Deprived to flee like a bird.
With the emergence of the COVID-19… we lost our jobs, kids can’t go to campus, we can’t meet our friends, heck… we even can’t eat out or watch a movie.
It’s has placed ourselves out of our comfort zones. It has disrupted our lives.
Never in our minds that we thought that something like this will happen… but it did.

But it is not the end of the world (not yet). And no matter how horrifying this “Virus Crisis” is, believe it or not, there is an end to it.
In my last article, I wrote to you about what to do while we are in containment. How to keep ourselves busy and happy in amid of these crazy circumstances.
That article was written specifically “During” our time of crisis.

What I am writing now is “After” this crisis ends. When they release us from our cages and free us from prison.
Haven’t you thought of that? What are you going to do then?

Obviously, the majority of us will go back to work and attend to our business. After all, we need to get back and replenish what we lost.

But even when this “Virus Crisis” even started, some of us were complaining about our jobs and businesses.
We hated our work and despise our boss. Our business is going downhill or stuck at mediocrity.

If not that, we were having problems with relationships with the ones that we loved.
Or our health was in jeopardy. Or we were lonely and depressed even before the Corona Virus. We were trapped in our cages right even before all of this madness.

Don’t fret. Don’t cry. There is one thing you have lots of it at this very moment, you now have… “TIME”!
Now we have the chance to change it.
In fact, we have a multitude of hours in our homes to think about “Redoing” our lives. Now is the perfect time to do it.

Do you want to resign, fine. Then go ahead and do it.
Start that business that you’ve been wanting to do back in time when you are thinking about it during the entire duration of your boring employment.
Not happy with the place and environment that you are living in, then leave.
What are you waiting for? Go to the beach, start your Scuba Diving business, Or launch your Cuban Resto in the tourist spot that you want to stay for the rest of your lives.
Been wanting to tell the guy that you are in love with, Go and tell him. We don’t live in the dark ages anymore.
If you don’t talk to him, you might lose him. Make the bold move.

Even before the Corona Virus, we were trapped inside and deprived of things that we truly desire because of our fears, our doubts, and our past mistakes.

Let’s use and maximize this what we call “Lockdown” to recharge our batteries, to tune up our engine, and to make a complete shift to the happiness that we long desire.

Just imagine that we are the Cheetah from North Africa who is caged for a long period of time. Just think about what will happen to this creature (that we generally call “The Fastest Animal in the Planet”) would do after they are set free.
These cheetahs won’t just run wild and free. They will go beyond boundaries. Explore more landscapes. And do things that they never imagine.
It’s natural instincts for an animal to burst that well-kept energy.

I myself felt like that Cheetah. I haven’t used much of my speed and talents before this outbreak started.
I felt like I have something more to give. I have so much narration to tell. Share more inspiring stories to motivate people.
That is my plan when I get out of this dark cave.
Launch the new and improved “Friendillion 2.0” and be more assertive to be an instrument that will move people’s hearts and improve people’s lives.

I’m am conceptualizing as we speak.
Making a concrete plan on where to concentrate on first. Doing long hours of research and contemplating my course of action.
This long period of isolation will produce me a stunning Formula 1 race car engine that can reach the distance and rack up more checkered flags.
It will be one of my “Mission in Life”.

I believe you too should create your “Mission in Life”.
You should think now. You have a good chance to make your life even better than before. The new and improved… “You”!

Just think that you are a Thoroughbred Race Horse.
You are just an average racehorse before. Hardly winning any events.
Now is your chance to improve yourself. Rethink and do a course of action to make yourself competitive.
And when the time that you are set to race again. You are much ready. You have gained that courage, that new skill that you thought you didn’t have in you.
You said to yourself… “It’s time for me to win this time”!

You are now at the Starting Gate amongst the other horses.
You are all set to race. You then close your eyes and ponder on the open race track that you are going to set your hooves into.
And when that gate opens, you will burst that new speed of yours and win your first ever Grand Derby Cup.

We should all be that Cheetah. We must all be that Winning Race Horse.

We will Flee when we’re Free. It’s our well-deserved destiny.

Written on March 23, 2020