Le Delice


In every village or subdivision, it consists of things that residents need. Stuff like swimming pools, basketball courts, gyms, parks and playgrounds, church, and preschools. But the one thing that is lacking in some subdivisions is a Restaurant. An ideal establishment that serves food and drinks to the residents.
It’s a compelling case where most real estate developers tend to overlook. But with the increasing car sales and the unsolvable traffic in cities (like Metro Manila), a real estate firm should now include these amenities in their future projects.

It’s fortunate the Merville Park (one of the oldest village in Parañaque City), managed to have a restaurant inside their subdivision. It’s a solution to the dreadful traffic in Manila so that homeowners and tenants don’t have to dine outside like the mall after attending their regular Sunday masses.

The name of the establishment is Le Delice (The Delight… in French). It’s been operating for 20 years now and has been serving Internation dishes and Asian delights. They have different sausages from Hungarian, Schueblig, Frankfurter and the Veal Bratwurst.
The deli prepares Pasta, Pizza, Swiss Treats, Salads, Soups, Desserts, and Pinoy Specials. There is also a Wine Store in their joint. In a nutshell, it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, wine shop, mini-supermarket… combine into one.

But it is not just that, it is a place where residents can bond with their friends and families. It is like a shrine where people can relax and unwind. The pool that is beside the restaurant also makes the ambiance more appealing.

I happen to had a small chat with the owner of Le Delice. Her name is Lucienne Hebeisen, a hardworking lady from Switzerland. She started this business in her front yard just all on her own. And now she has 20 employees.
I’ve noticed that all of her staff are all cheerful and contented. One of the reason is that Lucienne hires people who live within 2-3 km radius making them one of the happiest working class in a city that is composed of a hectic and stressful schedule.

The Swiss entrepreneur is very hands-on and always make it a point to check on all small details from their menu, the deliveries, their beloved customers, and most important of all that their restaurant excels in customer service that kept their business striving for 2 decades.

Even that Lucienne is in her more advanced years, there are no signs of her slowing down. She opened another establishment (Cafe Lulu) in an adjacent city.
She is fully devoted and spends time in her New Apolostic church. And she does ballroom dancing in her free time.

This busy woman surprisingly has an abundant time to have quality time with her husband and always make it a point to check on her 2 boys who are both living in Canada.

During our talk, I suggested to her that no matter her future plans is. Whether she will retire or migrate to another country, it is imperative that she keeps her restaurant in place. I told her it’s her responsibility to the community who is living there. Le Delice became a part of their lives.
Like their very own parish church (Our Lady of Beautiful Love), this beautiful restaurant became a “Staple” in their daily routine agenda.

“You owe it to the people”… this is what I implied to the owner. “Le Delice should continue bringing delight continuously through the years”!
The sweet lady from Switzerland smiled and responded by saying… “Don’t worry Francis, I’ll make sure that we keep on delighting people from this generation to the next”!

Written on July 20, 2018