Labrador Galore


If you are going to build your own vacation house, what is the first thing that you want to have (aside from the house of course)? Is it lots of fruit bearing trees? A large swimming pool? A Ferris wheel?

I’ve been searching, looking, and asking around on things that will be pleasing to any kind of vacation house. My pursuit ended when I found this vacation house which I personally call… “Labrador Galore”.

That place is in San Jose Batangas (A province known for producing Paminta or Black Pepper). In that territory, you can find a vacation house owned by my cousin Dinna and her husband Raul.
A serene farmhouse with numerous fruit-bearing trees, multiple Bali-themed nipa huts, enveloped with assorted and varied pint-sized inground pool, and blessed with naturistic open space and green lush lawn.

It’s perfect to spend a lifetime in the couple’s retreat house. But what it makes more unique is their furry companions who act as their “Welcoming Party” on their behalf. That furry companion is believably the kindest and friendliest animal… The Labrador Retriever.
The sweet-faced, lovable Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds.
Labs are famously friendly. They are companionable housemates who like to bond with the whole family, and they socialize very well with neighbor dogs and humans alike.

Historically known for earning their keep as a fisherman’s helper… these dogs are fond of water, swimming, and retrieving anything you throw away from their sight.
Throw them a ball, Labs will bring it back to you. Fling a frisbee, they will bring it back to you. Catapult your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, these dogs will still bring them back to you.

Back in the day, me and my friend Iko used to breed these so-called “Water Dogs”. We sell the puppies and all we got from our buyers are nothing but praises and appreciation.
Years went by and I shifted to other dog breeds but I’ll tell you… I still keep on coming back to these lovable Retrievers.

I don’t have a Labrador at the moment, but I try to get a hold of them every chance I get. My cousin Nico has a Lab near our place.
So whenever I have time, I take Ash (their dog’s name) for a run in the village. Every day is a different adventure for both me and the dog. Labs are really what I call a “Perfect Companion” to humans. Even strangers are fond of them.

So kudos to both Raul & Dinna for giving us a deep insight and “Bodhi Idea” for us people who desire a place surrounded with these friendly furry creatures.
You choose the right breed for you and your family. These dogs will be the main attraction of your vacation house.
But not only that, the Retrievers will give you overflowing love and affection. They will keep you in shape with plenty of running and catching. And overall, they are Family who you will treasure forever.

I takes one to know one. From one Labrador lover to another. I have nothing but love for these wonderful creatures. Our greatest friend forever… The Labrador Retriever!

Written on September 14, 2018