Keep Your Friends Close And Your Animals Closer


Our world is filled with love through our creator, our immediate family, our friends, and even our furry little creatures we consider as pets.
Animals play an important role in many people’s lives. They provide us companionship with emotional support. Our pets reduce our stress levels, our anxieties, and help us with our self-esteem and create a positive emotional development.
Humans and Animals have always been interdependent but somehow we tend to forget them.
We put them in cages and chains. From a family member to an abandoned beast. I see a lot of animals that are maltreated, abused, neglected and treated as a house decor to impress their incoming guests.
God created them for a purpose. Let’s make them worthwhile.

Here’s why we should give more value and time to our forgotten furry friends…

=> Try not to attend to your friend’s birthday party. What do you think the outcome would look like? Pretty bad, isn’t it? Your friend would probably unfriend you on Facebook and you will be a total outcast.
Now, leave your pet behind for a month… or maybe two. What do you think that outcome will be? Yes, you got it right. Your pets will come running towards you to give their hugs and kisses. Your crimes are forgiven the minute they laid their eyes on you.
Ash, my cousin’s black Labrador, was once my Jogging partner last summer. Rainy days came and I never saw Ash. A few days ago, I came by my cousin’s house and there was Ash barking, shouting, aggressively jumping like saying to me… “Where have you been for a long time Pal… I’ve missed you!
They are the most affectionate creatures I’ve ever known.

=> I used to be a Dog breeder before. So when I need a new pet, I always buy the ones with a good breed with an exceptional pedigree from a reputable kennel.
Now it’s different. I accept whatever breed, whatever animals that comes my way. My wife’s aunt gave us a Siamese kitten. That kitten has been with us for more than 5 years now. She doesn’t catch rats and mice but she is an excellent acrobat and gymnast who does her regular stunt on our railing. Our cat “Nia” impresses me and my guests whenever we go for a drink in her so-called sanctuary.
Our dog was even more of a surprise. He came out of nowhere. We were planning to buy a Pug but got a mixed breed dog from San Pablo Laguna. My Tito Norman & Tita Josie’s dog gave birth to 6 pups… one of them is “Pablo”, our dog. That dog immediately became our kid’s best friend. My boys spent more time outdoors because of him. His energy inspires us to live our lives more to the fullest.
These pets taught me not to be choosy and accept whoever… humans and animals alike. It’s a gift directly given to you from the one who created you.

=> Don’t think that domesticated pets are limited to your house in the city. Don’t limit yourself to dogs, cats, and goldfish only.
Everyone has a province to go to. You can have a farm animal in your province for you and your family. I used to be a Hog Contract Grower with Monterey Foods Corp. Our pigs served their purpose but it’s not the ideal thing that I want.
I want a companion, a buddy, and a friend. And not just slaughtering animals.
I don’t know what’s stopping me from buying a Horse. My kids will surely enjoy not only riding but bonding with him. How about at Sulcata Tortoise… that seems cool!
If you don’t have a place or your province is too far…. you may have the option to help the endangered animals like the Bohol’s Tarsier, Davao’s Philippine Eagle, or Palawan’s Pangolin.

So there, your family loves you and your friends are always there for you. But your life would even be happier if you let the animals (your or not) be a part of your life even just for a few minutes of your time.
If you let them in, you will be kinder and more understanding of everything that is front of you. Stress won’t penetrate you when you got your Furry pals to protect you.
They are such adorable loving creatures that they are so hard to resist. A true friend that you can truly rely on.
So keep your Friends close, but keep your Animals even closer.

Now can anyone tell me where can I get a pair of Kangaroos?

Written on October 19, 2018