Is There Any Loyalty Left


Loyalty… does it still exist? Can we still see it listed in the dictionary? Do people still believe in it? If you ask people around you might be surprised to know that some of them don’t even know the meaning of the word.
In today’s modern society, it is common to hear employees jumping from one company to the other. Old close friends of yours have now shifted gears and became traitorous because of their own personal interests.
Divorce lawyers earning more money because of infidelity and disloyal individuals who once believe in Love forever after.
Most people are now untrue to what should command one’s allegiance to one’s cause, group, philosophy, and even to our nation.

I’m beginning to lose hope and starting to believe that Loyalty has become extinct in our culture and beliefs. Is there any Loyalty left in this world?

But then I’ve noticed my son’s commitment to a philosophy that I thought that won’t even last a year. I then realized that my son Luigi has been devoted to a modern Japanese martial art (Aikido) for not just 1 year, not 2 years, but more than 5 years now.
It all started as a pre-requirement for my son’s homeschool for socialization purposes, has now become a part of his own being.
I mean, I would be happy to see my son doing Aikido for a year and shift his activities in something else but I was taken by surprise to see him going the “Extra Mile”.
As we speak, Luigi is on his way on grabbing the Brown belt (one belt before the Black belt which denotes the highest grade or the expert in the perception of the public).

Was this a feat or an achievement? I have to say… YES!
Not because I am the father of the child, but because you don’t normally see a kid stick to one activity or recreation for a long period of time…. especially in this day and age. They may be interested in one thing today, then get bored the day after. Their interest or obsession is not very reassuring anymore. There are no guarantees that they will stick to it.
With so many distractions, temptations, and many forms of entertainment… even kids of this generation are jumping from one field to another that you can’t see them “Stick to One” anymore.
You never see them being faithful to their commitments or obligations.
It’s a sad fact, but it is true! Just look around and you will understand what I am saying.

So how do we bring Loyalty back to life and return it again to our society? Honestly, I really don’t know. The truth of the matter is, I really didn’t force my son to stick to one thing. It just his character. His own free will.
There are reasons that he may inherit this valuable characteristic from his Great-Grandfather who was extremely devoted to his country. Or it could be his group’s influence to love the sport. Or maybe he just wants to prove something to himself.
Until now, I don’t have the slightest clue.

At this moment, my son’s has not only have one dojo (a space for immersive learning )…. but two (1 in Quezon City and 1 in Makati). A testimony and proof of his faithfulness to his commitments and obligations.

So whoever who is reading this. I do hope that you find some trait of Loyalty in you. I desire to see your children stick to one of his/her passion.
May all of us, do find Loyalty in us. Loyalty is fast becoming cornerstones to competitive advantage in a world that is changing constantly.

Make no mistake, I am extremely happy to see my son have the most important quality anyone can have. His Loyalty will be his “Resume in Life”.
He will form deeper connections, he will be respected, and he will be loved.

My son will truly transcend in relationships… be it romantic, friendship, work, and business.
I just wish that whoever he is with, working with and living with… I pray that he will rub it off to most of them.
Because in this day and age, everyone really needs a sense of Loyalty! And then they will make better decisions, and they will feel happier and more at peace, with themselves and to all the people concerned.

Written on July 27, 2018