Influencing Customer Experience


Name of Restaurant: Spoon eat + drink
Location: 319 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque City
Best Seller: Osso Buco, Roast Chicken w/ smoked paprika grapes
What makes them unique: One of a kind ambiance

It’s a different world out there. Our ever-changing and chaotic world has made people always on the go and in a rush. They basically don’t have time to savor the beauty of what we call life.
That also applies when they go out and dine. Customers just go to a restaurant, eat and leave.
I mean, what’s the point of going out anyway if you’re just there to munch your order like a vacuum machine sucking up all the food in a matter of minutes.
Why don’t we be like the French or the Spaniards? When they go out, they want to get the best quality of life by slowing it down. And when they slow down, they enjoy each and every experience they encounter.

Sadly, the restaurants here in the Philippines are jampacked with hungry and noisy customers and that is the main reason why some people prefer to call food delivery or eat at home.
They are not simply getting the satisfaction that they crave for… The “Ideal Customer Experience”!

In a place somewhere in Parañaque lies a kind of restaurant that “Listens” to the outcry of every living customer.
The name of the place is Spoon eat + drink. The spot is perfect for the customers who are deeply craving for some peace and quiet. The ambiance will definitely take away the stress and will give a lasting serenity.
The diversified and contrasting exhibit material light bulbs, the lively ornamental plants, the wall design donated by the loyal customers, the bright lanterns, and their eye-catching antique fan will make you feel at ease and relax.
Their classical and jazz music will even tranquilize you more. The owner and the staff main intention is for you to slow it down and enjoy that particular moment.

Then in comes the food. The Osso Buco bountiful marrow for merely Php 355 is more than reasonable. Be ready using the small spoons to get the full scoop out that luscious marrow. While their Roast Chicken with grapes is a dish ideal for a family and or a group of friends.
Their Fresh Lemon Pappardelle with Smoked Cream Sauce is another course to look at.

And when you’re full and done. You have the option to unwind in their relaxing veranda. The skylight roofing design will let you set the mood where you can glance at the moon and stars.
It’s a perfect getaway and an incredible experience all bundled in one place.

I got the chance to talk to Philane, the owner. I can see why the place is top-notch.
From the owner down to her 4 staff, you can feel that you are treated like a “VIP client” and not just one of the customers.
They take their time not only to provide an answer to their customer’s needs and demands but also chat with them whenever possible.
They see to it that all their customers get the best experience convincing the 1st timers to go back the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time around. It gets them to talk to their friends and recommending them to their homey establishment.

When customers go out to a restaurant for a meal, they go for the full experience, not just for the food itself.
They want to be treated and feel special, and the ambiance of an establishment most certainly contributes to these feelings.
The right ambiance will allow customers to look around and enjoy themselves, and maybe even stay longer than they planned, simply because they want to soak in the atmosphere of the place.

Philane heard their wishes and did exactly that. She knows how people feel. She can anticipate their concerns way ahead of time. And she will give the best customer experience in any way she can.
In a world where most restaurants are like insects that die in a year or two… there stands Philane heavenly place that has been in existence for going for 4 years now.

“The restaurant is my baby”, the humble owner quoted.
It certainly is, Philane acted like the kindhearted mother to her restaurant, her staff, and most especially to her customers… who finally found the one thing that they are looking for.

Written on November 20, 2018