Imaginary Somebody

Imaginary Somebody

People were born Greedy! All of us have a “Overwhelming Desire for More”! We are always never content with what we have. Buy another car even if we have three, rack them all the ladies shoes and buy some more, and eat all the food that you want like there is no tomorrow.

I too have that same negative trait… the longing for those I didn’t have. Although I am not into material things, there is still something I always crave for… A Baby Girl!

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy and delighted that I am blessed with a loving wife and 2 handsome boys. Life is really good! But why is that I still look for a Baby Girl?
Maybe my family (Isberto side), bear more sons than daughters. My Grandfather has 4 sons, My Dad has me only, and I have 2 boys. Did you see the pattern? That is “7 Dudes in 3 Generations”… where are the girls at?

I did try (to have a Girl) but obviously the results is not as promise like what I’ve dream of.

Luckily, I accidentally had those what I call “Imaginary Somebody”. Someone who is not yours but you can pretend that somewhat it is real. I had the luxury to have not only 1 but 3 Imaginary Somebody through the course of my married life.
Let’s start with the first…

1.) GIRL NO. 1 (SPAGHETTI GIRL) = Her name is Cheri. A cousin of my wife who grew up in our hometown in Batangas. I treated her not as like a daughter but more of a little sister because our age gap is not that big (more than 10 years).
I remember Cheri before were she used to dance along with her other cousins to the song “Spaghetti” (Pababa) of the infamous disbanded group Sexbomb Girls. This charming girl would dance on the cemented road barefooted all throughout the morning.
Then her Dad will call her since it is past 12 noon. Cheri would go home, eat her lunch as fast as possible, then will rush out again to dance the rest of the afternoon. You can just imagine what her foot looks like after… Cheri is now 26 years old, working as a Finance assistant in a Multinational company. She now have big responsibilities but we do see each other in Batangas during holidays and special occasions.

2.) GIRL NO. 2 (MY INAANAK) = Inaanak is God-daughter in English. Kristine or Tin-Tin is my wife’s god-daughter so in essence Tin-Tin is also my Inaanak. I met Tin-Tin even before having my first born son.
She is such doll and we often “Borrow” that cute little girl from her parents and bring her in our home in Manila. This is where I experienced that girls are more sweeter than boys. They are sooo sweet to their parents (especially to their fathers).
I was always amazed about Tin-Tin’s dresses, shoes, shoulder bags, and most especially her headbands, ponytails, hair-clips and pigtails.
But I knew that Tin-Tin is not mine so I observed from afar and gave her some space especially now that is she is 18 and madly in love with her boyfriend.

3.) GIRL NO. 3 (MS. CART-WHEEL) = This 3rd girl came out of nowhere. She is no relation whatsoever. She just pop-up in our front door using her skills of doing the cart wheel. Cart wheel is a acrobatic movement that performs a circular sideways handspring with the arms and legs extended (like spokes of a wheel).
This girl has more energy than the Energizer Bunny. Her batteries never runs out, and she got more stories to share and tell than most people I’ve met in my entire life.
Her name is Casey. A member of the Cheerleading squad in St. Scholastica Manila. She is actually my son’s playmate. They used to play in the playground together, do Badminton, and sometimes fight in every PlayStation games that I know off.
In the course of time, I eventually became close to this very active girl that we do regularly swim and race every now and then.

There are other young girls that I became close with but these 3 have been the most influential. These 3 have somewhat filled in my longing and desire of having a daughter.
A shout-out too to the parents of these 3 for the good genes and upbringing they have generously contributed.
Who needs a daughter when you can have a Imaginary Somebody that can, in some way, provide that for you.

Imaginary Somebody can apply to everyone. It doesn’t have to be always a daughter. It can be a Imaginary friend or boyfriend. It can be anything that you longed for.
Just make sure that it is legal and doesn’t hurt anyone then you are free to have a Imaginary Somebody.

This doesn’t only happens in movies…. it also applies in real life!
How about you? Do you have a Imaginary Somebody??

Written on January 12, 2018